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Care to share any songs that go well with the rain?

Asked by Joker94 (8175points) December 25th, 2011

If you haven’t visited yet, I highly suggest making your way to when you get the chance, and leaving the tab up while you blast some tunes. I dunno if I agree that rain makes everything better, but it certainly isn’t hurting a few of my favorites. Care to share any you think would gel? Here’s all I’ve got so far:
Exile Vilify by The National
Run Like Hell by Pink Floyd
The High Road by Broken Bells
Hackensack by Fountains of Wayne

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“The Rock/Love, Reign O’er Me”, last track of Quadrophenia.

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@zenvelo that was so 5 seconds ago

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@filmfann & @zenvelo Darn it! I completely overlooked that one! And I love The Who! On that note, did you ever hear Pearl Jam’s cover of that song? It’s magical, I promise.

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November Rain… Guns and Roses.

Red Rain… Peter Gabriel

I wish it would rain down… Genesis

Fall Like Rain…Clapton

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Why does it always rain on me – Travis

Here comes the rain again – Eurythmics

Rain – Madonna

I’m only happy when it rains – Garbage

Mandolin Rain – Bruce Hornsby

Have you ever seen the rain? Creedance Clearwater Revival

Fire and rain – James Taylor

Rain King – Counting Crows

There is some great music about rain… and I agree, rain is beautiful.

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Damn missed the edit window. After the rain has fallen – Sting.

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@Bellatrix I’m familiar with a couple of those, like Fire and Rain, and I absolutely adore Red Rain. I’ll have to check out the others :)

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You will find them all on YouTube @Joker94. I bet you know most of them when you hear them.

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And there is always “Rain” by the Beatles.

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Rain The Beatles

Rainmaker Traffic

Rainy Days and Mondays The Carpenters

Laughter in the Rain Neil Sedaka

I’m a Little Black Raincloud Winnie The Pooh

The Rain in Spain Julie Andrews

The Adventures of Raindance Maggie Red Hot Chili Peppers

It’s Raining Again Supertramp

Rainy Day Girl Suede

Rainy Day Woman Waylon Jennings

Why Does it Always Rain on Me? Travis

It’s Raining Men Weather Girls

Rain Clouds Paul McCartney

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Fragile – Sting

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Rain on the Roof (The Lovin’ Spoonful)

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Sing and dance with Gene Kelly: “Singin’ in the Rain!” Dah dah dump dah dah dah

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Oh, and “Rainy Days and Mondays” always get me down.

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Blue Spotted Tail by Fleet Foxes

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Oh no oh no don’t let the rain come down
Oh no don’t let the rain come down
Oh no don’t let the rain come down
My roof’s got a hole in it and I might drown.

I don’t know what song the chorus comes from, but I often sing it when it rains.

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@filmfann & @zenvelo: Have you heard Bettye LaVette’ version of Love Rain O’er Me?

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Let The Good Things Come – the David Gray version.

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In the Rain by the Dramatics is a great song.

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@cprevite I have heard that! Very nice!

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Oh, I forgot Riders on the Storm by The Doors.

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Bob Dylan’s Blood On the Tracks album. And Otis Redding’s Try A Little Tenderness, I’ve Got Dreams to Remember and I’ve Been Loving You Too Long.

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I’m surprised that after 25 answers no one has mentioned this classic:

Same Old Lang Syne

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‘Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head’.

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Also, Singin’ In the Rain.

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