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How long should we wait to have sex after a Tonsilectomy?

Asked by TysonEdwards (126points) May 18th, 2008 from iPhone

My girlfriend recently had a tonsilectomy. The doctors had said to avoid “Strenuous” activity for several weeks. She expressed a desire to have sex to help take her mind off her pain, but I dont want to make things worse. Any advice?

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as long as she doesn’t deep throat you…when was she op’ed?

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Also, you don’t want her to be too loud. Might hurt the throat.

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so just missionary, no foreplay, well, maybe a little cullingus, but keep it simple and short

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she should eat ice cream at the same time, too.

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Until you have a chance to ask your doctor (which I think would be a good idea) I would avoid any type of oral sex. That means you giving to her too. I am no expert, but I am concerned about spreading infection to the post op area if you kiss her after giving her oral. Yeast infections can be brought on by antibiotic use, and it’s best to play it safe. Ask her doctor to be sure.

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Well, assuming the surgery was in the tonsil region….just have fun with the other end :-)

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ASAP I has sex the day after my vasectomy so a tonsil operation should be a walk in the park.

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well, at least bruised tonsils are no longer a risk…...... :)

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