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What is the easiest credit card to get?

Asked by Riser (3485points) May 18th, 2008

I have never owned a credit card and I am sick (absolutely sick) of dealing with my bank locking my card any time I make an out of state purchase (For those of you who are migrating to California, stay as far away from Union Bank as humanly possible)

I need an emergency credit card but I have never done anything that requires credit. What card should I get? I’m a cash/bank guy. This is all new to me.

I emphasize that I know nothing about this process.

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You have some leeway here. Hunt around to find the one with the best terms. It is easy to get a card with a 28% interest rate. I actually have one. If you have OK credit I would try CapitalOne. They are a decent blend of terms and availability.

If that doesn’t work get me on AIM and I will let you know of a company that will give a card to a dead hamster. But you start with a really low limit and horrible monthly fees.

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Here is a site called that lets you compare offers and search for what is important to you, such as no fee, no limit, low interest rates, etc.

If you belong to or have access to a credit union, getting a card through them is usually a good deal, because they are in effect non-profit institutions working for their members.

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mastercard from First Premier Bank

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Yeah, the short answer is the most expensive one is the easiest to get.

Just be aware that credit cards suck now, perhaps more than they ever have. You can get charged a fee for almost anything, including not using your card. This isn’t true across the board, but it is true for many issuing companies.

The basic things to concern yourself with, though, are:

credit limit- how much you can put on the card.
interest rate- how much it costs you to carry a balance. The interest rate for purchases is usually different from the interest rate for cash advances, which is usually much higher.
fees- some cards charge an annual fee just to have the card (most Amex, e.g.), late fees, over limit fees and other fees also apply.
bullshit- most of the big cc companies (Citi, CapitalOne) have horrific customer service and try to slip changes to the terms of your agreement by you without you noticing.

There are a lot of sites/zines that rate credit card offers. Here’s one.

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I never had any complain with VISA of Citi. Yes, it may have tremendous charges at times, but proper use and on time payments can help lessen amount of bill. Try talk to counselor from reputable credit cards debts counseling agencies, they can give you advice.

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