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Cameras and microSD cards can work together?

Asked by manuel_alarcon (299points) December 26th, 2011

Hi, I have a 8gb micro sd card and i was thinking in using it with my camera, a canon powershot. In a tech store, i was told not to use microsd cards in cameras, because “they’ll end spoiling”. After a search in the web, some people use them, but formatting with the camera format tool… I cant find a satisfying answer. Anybody with the same doubt or experience?

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If your camera has a decent amount of memory (4 gigs) for example, then why bother with an external card (unless I am reading this question wrong)? A good habit is to download those photos to your PC as soon as possible. I rarely fill my camera (4 gigs).

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well, I use RAW a lot, so I need plenty of memory; already use a 8gb class 4 sd card, Im thinking to upgrade to a 16gb class10 card. I’ve got this micro sd for christmas, I could use it in my phone, but I think it would be kind of a waste, so i thought, why not use it with my cameras?

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Card manufacturers cannot possibly keep track of which cameras their cards work with. They make them to fulfill global industry standards, but camera manfactures put certain limitations on themselves, not realizing future advancements.

When I shot with Canon, for instance, the 5D worked fine with my old 16gb compact flash cards. But they limited themselves to 16gb even when I upgraded to 32gb cards. The camera refused to use the entire card.

Confirm your firmware is up to date and try the new card out. Thats the only way you’ll know for sure. I had to go through half a dozen 32gb cards before finding two that worked with my Sony’s reliably. Difficult to diagnose. All the cards were tbe exact same Kingstons. And they all seemed to work at first. I soon discovered that some of them limited me to 1gb of capture and then deleted the card. It was a nightmare, but two of them worked without issue. Later I searched goog for my problem and found hundreds of other togs complaining about the same thing.

Your question would be better served on a photo forum like or

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Trust me, I use enough storage on my phone that an 8 GB would not suffice; my 16 GB is more than half full. Then again, my camera gets by on a mere 4 GB non-micro SD card.

Now, I know that there are people who worry about the limited read/write endurance of SD cards and Flash drives. Anybody who thinks that storage technology is the same as it was 15+ years ago may well believe that SD cards in a camera could “spoil” in a camera or anyplace else where they are written to more than a dozen times in their life.

You should be fine… so long as your camera can actually use HC (High Capacity) cards; mine cannot.

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