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Iphone jailbreak question?

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) May 18th, 2008

If i jailbreak my iphone using this

will i still be able to use my mail and safari?
i have 1.1.4

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your iphone will explode and burn to a crisp, leaving only a dark burn mark on your desk, reminding you never to fiddle with things again

well, i think it will work, but do you realy know what you’re doing, or is it “because you can and it’s cool” ?

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i sort of know what im doing… haha

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sort of, hmm, well, i’ll be nice on this one, what you’re doing is just unlocking it, enabling it to be modified, install extras, so, in theory, you can still use it all, but offcourse, there is no guaranty, you can also wait for the update to hit, it won’t be that long, right?

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yeah its going to be soon i think

edit: and i just found out that most of the apps in the store are going to be free.

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so will you be a good boy and wait for the update?

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… if i knew you i might laugh

but yeah ima wait.

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when you jailbreak or unlock, all of your regular apps (like safari mail maps youtube etc) still work. its not very hard to do, and nearly, if not completely, impossible to brick your iPod. You can always restore it in iTunes if you mess up, but its so easy that you probly won’t mess up. I did fine my first time jailbreaking it and didnt even have restore it or anything like that.

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I jailbroke last night.. i’ve done it before when 1.1.2 was out and it was unbelievably unstable. But now im on 1.1.4 and it jailbroke in about a minute
– I did’t have to downgrade like in previous versions
– I kept all my music, videos and even the software update (if you dont have the software update it installs it for you)
– Its very stable
– a great range of apps
– very easy to do a restore
I used ijailbreak found here

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