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Microfinance that pays you back?

Asked by saservp (291points) December 26th, 2011

I know there are lots of great micro finance charities like kiva, but I was wondering if there are any similar projects that actually pay you a return. For example, I have a major investment in lending club loans, but those are for people to buy mustangs, make home renovations, pay off credit cards, and other unimpressive desires.

Are there no similar services that provide loans for growing businesses in the developing world where I can expect a return? In other words, not a charitable donation, but a for-profit investment you can feel a little better about. And if you lose 50% of your investment, you’re still doing better than the stock market! :P

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I’m not convinced that charities are concerned with ensuring a profitable return. I don’t think they look at you as an investor, as much as a donator.

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don’t believe the hype.

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I doubt there are any. You aren’t talking about businesses that are really making much of a profit, in the third world. You are talking about very small business that allow someone to provide for their families and possibly provide employment for other people in the community. Not business that have much to return to investors. And if you want to feel good and know about Kiva why are you involved in lending clubs that help people “buy mustangs, make home renovations, pay off credit cards, and other unimpressive desires” instead of Kiva. I loan through Kiva and I always get my money back. That is good enough for me. And if you’re losing 50% on your investments in the stock market then you’re sure as hell not doing something right and/or you need to find a new financial advisor.

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I think the point of these loans isn’t to make a huge profit. Most of the people receiving loans such as this are using them to create small farms or businesses, not large and profitable businesses.

As @lillycoyote said, if you’re looking to feel good about loans, loan to people who need it through something like kiva. If you’re looking to make a profit, loan to people who want fancy cars and new bathroom fixtures.

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I believe this article is relevant here.

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