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Why is this DVD so expensive?

Asked by mangeons (12129points) December 26th, 2011

Last year and the year before, we watched The Scarlet Pimpernel in French class. It was a really good movie and I loved it, so I wanted to look into buying it on DVD. However, I can only find it used, and people are selling it for $60 and upwards! I’ve searched everywhere, and I can’t find out the reason for its price! Why would it be so expensive?

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Supply and demand. Try finding a copy of the first Disgaea game for the PS2 and you run into the same problem.

Once something goes out of print whether due to age or simply a limited production run the price will jump if it’s something that people still want. Look at the price of older Magic cards. Look at the price for a ‘69 Dodge Charger.

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Probably because it’s old and hard to find, aside from that I have a freaking idea. That’s ridiculous it doesn’t even look like a Blu Ray

You can get it for free but you’ll have to pm me for that info, or google it XD

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because some people will pay that much.

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The sellers have determined that there are customers who value the DVD more highly than $60 (i.e. there’s a high demand), and that these customers won’t be able to find the DVD at a lower price because it’s hard to find (i.e. there’s a low supply). To support this theory, I notice that the Amazon reviews are overwhelmingly positive (274 people give it 5 stars; only 11 people give it less than 3 stars), and the sellers are saying the DVD is out of print.

Alternate theory: the $60 price tag is too high and no one will buy it; this will eventually cause the sellers to lower the price to, say, $40, which will suddenly look like a great deal to customers who saw the $60 price.

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Just because it’s listed at that price doesn’t mean anyone’s bought it at that price.

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I am not sure which version of the film you want but I did a search in and found the DVD available for $34 and the older film for $17. The prices are in AU$ but you will get a list of where there is a copy available anyway.

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You will find that a lot of movies and books are priced high on some sites. As others have said, it can be supply and demand. However, it is worth watching out for. Here you can find a new, legit copy listed for merely $11.00 and free shipping.

It always pays to shop around. :)

Oh and I saw it via Netflix- it was very entertaining. I also like the older versions of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

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@Dog Look closer. That’s not anywhere near a “legit copy” It’s a Region 0 DVD, made in Hong Kong, with subtitles right on the case in one of the Asian languages. Can we say “bootleg”?

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@MrItty I stand corrected. That us what I get for posting via smartphone!

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While on the other side of the world Amazon UK this dvd is only £24.99 (38.68$). (edited currency rate)

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this is a very good question. and I believe there are. several factors here.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

1 – yes they have not made copies any more. they stopped printing / duplicating that release, with cover art, etc.

2 – the studio sees no interest from the public. / aka they are not making copies of it any more on dvd

3— someone sees a niche market here. no more available AKA I HAVE ONE RIGHT HERE. BUT ITS RARE . I WILL GIVE IT FOR 100 BUCKS LETS SEE IF ANYONE GOES FOR IT.

they realize some people will go for it. however, not many people want it because its very hard to find, and in reality NO ONE CARES.

I.E. THE MASS MEDIA 99 PERCENT OF THE PUBLIC DO NOT CARE and do not have an interest in this product.,

however. what we see here, and I have seen this myself, there IS a great interest in me and others for some dvd releases, etc, items. and why does the studio not re release it ? probably they think , that only five people will be ineterested and it costs them money , like say maybe they pay 10 grand or so, at least, to release tons of copies and make dubs like that ( RELEASE THE DVD TO STORES AGAIN ) at least that much maybe more, so they do not care. it is not worth it for them, , to sell afew copies what they perceive to be a few copies.

also, if they release it, it will be mass market cost, like 9 dollars a dvd, or 14 dollars a dvd probably maximum

its really weird, but apparently its just a tiny niche market and some ppl have capitalized on it , for a few bucks, but for me to get a copy of what I need , is a pretty damn high price to pay 100 bucks, etc, so its sucks !!! and many are not even available at all, I will not pay 100 bucks,,,,


yes and shop around . ( my momma told me….... )

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If it’s OOP then that can help jack up the price.

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