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What is the best iPhone tracking app?

Asked by rooeytoo (26966points) December 26th, 2011

I run with my iPhone and sometimes go far and long. My husband would like to be able to see where I am and I have no objection to this. I have searched the app store and there are many free and to purchase, but it seems most have low or no ratings. Can anyone suggest a tracking app they find reliable. I don’t mind purchasing if it is a good one.

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Most of the iphone tracking apps are fake.. they are just used to prank friends. It will only show where YOUR phone is, but if you type in another person’s number, it won’t show.. It will only show your location.

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@partyrock – I kind of thought that was the story, but is there one where someone on a computer can link to the gps on the phone. It seems like there must be a way, I just don’t know what it is. I want my iphone to be trackable on the computer.

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What iPhone do you have? If you have a 3GS and have iOS 5.0 installed you can just use the Find my iPhone tool from It’s free.

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@partyrock This is totally false. Tacking OTHER PEOPLES phones are the fake ones. Tracking your own phone will give you a lot of options.

***** In Answer To The Question *******

First off- enable Find My Phone- that way your husband can track you easy in real time. It is free and easy to use.

Then you need an additional app to track your route and progress.
Personally I love TrailGuru however it is not currently in the AppStore.
Other possibilities:

Location Tracking GPS Lite for all sports, travelling, driving with offline map This one includes Australia and has a paid upgrade for more features if you like it.

I Map My Hike Not sure if it works down under but it is free so why not try it.

Pedometer Ultimate GPS+ Great reviews- a good option and again free.

I Map My Run Excellent reviews on this one.

Sports Tracker This one is focused more on training but, depending on what you are looking for might be what you need. It is, again, free. (Great reviews too!)

EveryTrail Another free possibility with an option to upgrade if you like it for more features.

RunKeeper Free and decent reviews.

Those are just a few for you to test out just to see what you think. :)

Virtual Active- BitGym Edition Okay I added this one because it cracks me up. If you are stuck indoors and are on a treadmill or elliptical this one shows you a virtual landscape to keep you from getting bored….

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@Dog of course, thank you. That was really silly of me, find my phone does the job perfectly! I use runkeeper and it is great but I don’t think real time, when I stop my run and enter it, then the map shows but I don’t think it shows before that. I think find my phone does it all by itself! He just has to log into my account on his computer. Cheers matey!!!

@sinscriven – thank you too, I have a 4 and you are right, I am a little dense today!

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@rooeytoo Oh I so wish you had access to TrailGuru- it is so great. I was suggesting using both find my phone (which is automatic) and another program. :D
Check to see if it is available there. It is really awesome- you can even stop and take pix if you want and it uploads to your private site that you can share! I love that app. It is also VERY accurate.

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PS: I am so sorry if I came across as snappish above. It was not my intent. I claim sleep deprivation and lack of proof reading.

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@Dog I looked at the website and it looks very similar to runkeeper. Do you think trail guru is better and why? I am always eager to find new and better!

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Is it available there? I have not tried RunKeeper but will download it and compare!

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