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American football: Doesn't this bring a new high to running right over a defender to score a touchdown? See video below.

Asked by ETpro (34589points) December 26th, 2011

If you haven’t already seen it, catch Jerome Simpson’s amazing touchdown. He even nails the landing. What do you think? Amazing play of the year?

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This is a great advertisement for tumbling lessons for young boys. Tumbling isn’t just for girls. ;)

Yeah, I missed this play over the weekend. My husband told me about it and I kept missing the replay. Thanks for the link! He’s nuts! Good play.

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If that defender hadn’t been there he’d have been penalized for showmanship. Nice timeing. Nice play. I love it!

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@jonsblond It was such an… erm, “Over-the-top” play that I had to come up with some question as an excuse to post a link for those who missed in on prime time. Tumbling is definitely not just for girls. It’s great for anyone to know how to land on their feet in life.

@fordest I hadn’t even though about the excessive celebration penalty. Great point.

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I’m not a sports fan, but I like watching stuff like this. It reminds me of Vince Carter’s famous dunk over the head of that 7 foot french guy lol.

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That was one of the coolest moves I have ever seen. With his vertical leap, basketball scouts were probably salivating.

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@Blackberry I’m no sports nut either, I didn’t watch this particular game. I don;t watch many football games unless my Patriots ar4e up against a formidable foe and still in contention for the Superbowl. But when I saw this outtake on the evening news, I had to look it up and post it. Ammazingly, it took a number of Google searched to locate video that had anything to do with this. I eventually had to recall the player;s name, and search on it plus the words “flip” and :touchdown”. I would guess it’s getting ever easier to find as time goes on. This post will help.

@marinelife Don’t you know it. Jump? That man is a human rocket-ship.

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@ETpro Sometimes popular clips like this one can be found on the front page of youtube with other trending videos. It was on there multiple times lol. :)

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@Blackberry It is now. When I looked back on December 26, It could not be found so easily. I had to recall his name to nail it.

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@ETpro Oh ok, gotcha.

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