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What is the sound behind my toilet?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) December 27th, 2011

The last week or so I hear rattling in the middle of the night. Tonight it’s raining, I heard the noise and it is coming from the bathroom. I flushed and it stopped for a minute, then started at it again.
My nephew had thought it was mice in the walls.
Should I get the baseball bat?

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Does it sound like it is coming from in your toilet, just in the back of it? Or does it sound like it is coming from within the wall behind your toilet?

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It’s one of these. Run.

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I hear a tinka tinka….scrape,.,,,,it could be behind…but much louder than a mouse.

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Could be squirrels.

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@jazmina88 My father is a retired plummer and he said his first guess would be that it is the pluming.

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Agreed with @Inked_up_chic, it just may be an offset in water pressure.

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Did you try knocking on the drywall? Plumbing problems won’t be frightened into silence by the sound of knocking.

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@SmashTheState No but if your toilet keeps running and you giggle the handle it will stop. So it is plausible that if it is pluming when she flushed the toilet it temporarily fixed it.

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Apparently a synthesis of plumbing knowledge and rodent psychoanalysis is needed to fully resolve this problem. ;-)

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Sounds like “mice” < that’s plural :) to me.

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@whitetigress I thought it was mouses?

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