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Where can I apply for a "Work at home job" that isn't a scam?

Asked by InkyAnn (2441points) December 27th, 2011

Ok, so here is my dilemma. As some as you may know, I had an accident almost two years ago that caused a brain injury. As a result to this brain injury I have some permanent mental disabilities.Such as Short Term Memory Loss (which isn’t too short term, not like 50 First Dates short term) and Cognitive disability, meaning that it is extremely difficult for me to problem solve now or understand simple to complex explanations. There are a few others but those are the most important when it comes to working in a business.

By law I have to make known my disabilities on my applications and it seems that when the employer is seeing them they decide they do not want someone like that working for them and have the right to deny me. Which I can understand. I mean who would want a girl that is going to possibly forget important information or has to have something explained numerous times until she understands what you want done on a regular basis.

So a friend asked me since I am quite a fast typer and am well educated (when I show it) that I get a job working at home from my computer. I would love to have a job like that but I don’t know what sites and offers I find on the internet are scams or safe.

Do you know of any specific ones that you think I would be accepted for and are not a scam?

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Medical transcribers listen to recordings of doctors and type them up. You need a class in medical terms to qualify.

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My sister in law works at home as a medical transcriptionist. @zenvelo you suck. The doctors record their reports and she puts them into a file. I don’t know how much longer that will be viable though. Technology might make her obsolete.

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@Inked_up_chic Now that I’m thinking about it, there might be a little niche market in there for the next 10 to 15 years for transcribing records of all kinds, mainly for some of the older professionals, or really anyone that needs the service, that aren’t as comfortable with technology. It wouldn’t have to be just medical records.

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Disability support services often need transcription services. They have to have transcripts of any audio visual material. Might be worth getting in touch with colleges and universities to see if they have any work.

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there are 4 legit work at home companies that did not respond to my app. I cant find the list with their names. There are not many.
Try West at Home

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@jazmina88 If they didnt respond to you I don’t see them responding to me lol.

@Everyone else, thank you for your advice. It looks like transcribing would be a good start for me. But how would I begin that? What companies and what departments would I contact to find out if they are in need of someone?

Also, I use to work for an answering service when I was in my early 20s. Not telemarketing, answering calls for various businesses and taking messages for them or placing orders as “the ordering dept” for online based websites.I had worked my way up to management. I Loved that job. Do you know any names of Answering services that I could apply for? Maybe with my experience in that field before my accident I might get hired by one.

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@Inked_up_chic I went to Bing, typed in medical transcription jobs and got a huge number of hits.One site gives a map of the US so you could look in your area, but that’s probably is not that big of a concern. Just be on guard for the scams.

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I am not sure, but you can check this out : online data entry jobs

You can also google it (I assumed you are from USA).

A friend of mine worked in a company as a data entry operator when he was in college. He told his screen was split into two parts – horizontal and vertical, and his job was to read from one part and type it in another part.

All the best!

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@jazmina88 I second West at Home. My cousin is a muckety muck there and I know they are legit. It can take a minute to get set up to work for them, but I have heard very good things from those who have worked there.

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We use the services of this company their staff work from home

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I suggest you apply to an temporary agency that specializes in handicap jobs.

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For the transcription work with universities, you could look up the relevant disability services on their websites and call them up. You would be looking at being employed on a casual basis.

The other thing you could look at doing (especially if you have a really good eye for detail and have a degree) is proofreading thesis or even student essays. You shouldn’t get involved in the content, but with the number of overseas students we get some students are prepared to pay for people to proofread their work.

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You can be a manager of website. I don’t know what the pay for Fluther is but I belive it is enough to survive off of.

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@talljasperman I talked to augustlan about that, he is the only one that does get paid to do it from what i understand.

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@SuperMouse They require you to pay $30 for a background check. Is the job 100% fielding customer service phone calls? What is the pay? They don’t really make either of these things clear on their website…

I type >100 wpm. Does anyone know of any telecommute jobs that would enable me or @Inked to put this skill to use? I am moving soon and am looking for something that will move with me. Yeah you get a lot of hits when you do an internet search for data entry, but how many of those are legit, and which are they?

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@prioritymail I have never worked for West so I don’t know the pay. It is my understanding that the job is answering incoming customer service calls. Their customers are all those companies that do infomercials and all those “as seen on TV” things that tell people to call an 800 number to order. The West workers answer those calls and takes the orders. I had a friend who handled incoming calls for Citibank customers as well.

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