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She’s very beautiful.

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She’s a very attractive girl, her prettiness is natural looking rather than makeup created looking.

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not a fan of the high cheek bones.

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She’s very pretty. I’m not comfortable rating. And what is a ‘bad face’ exactly?

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Excellent face! : )

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It’s her face. You can’t rate peoples faces, they are what they are.
She is pretty, and I like the more natural look on women.

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You look good @Qt.

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She is attractive.

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She is really pretty. I would need to see a bigger shot to see her clothing and how she dresses. But I personally think she’s pretty. Nice eyes.

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I don’t know if the words good or bad face mean anything for this haha. It’s not good or bad. She’s attractive.

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@erichw1504 its not me. But can’t get her face out of my mind

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@Qt I know, just kidding. You’re a 30 year old male.

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@erichw1504 sorry buddy, but i’m a 30 year old male

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Does it matter?

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Welcome to Fluther.

Most of us have faces, and generally like them. At least we can put up with them most days. Some of us even like others’ faces – and other body parts as well (or better).

But what we like most is to discuss ideas. Good ideas or bad, it hardly matters. Got any ideas?

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She isn’t wearing glasses so I don’t care.

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Wouldn’t this be better suited for

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It’s probably the way the camera captured the eyes that have you transfixed @Qt. I would say she has an average face.

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Well I’m a 52 year old blue eyed blonde and I have always thought black women and dark haired beauties trump blondes any day of the week. Maybe I was a hot black woman in a previous life, but I’m not complaining, I’ve been the fixation of plenty of men in my prime. lol

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Now, now boys, no pissing contests. lol

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Not bad.

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She’s not my type. I don’t find myself attracted in the least bit.

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She has a pretty face.
I’m not sure how clothing, or how someone dresses, would affect whether or not they have a pretty face. The quality of these photos is not great, but she appears to have symmetrical features, bright, clear eyes, healthy, glowing skin… she looks healthy.

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Need moar noodz before I can make an accurate assessment.

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I think she’s cute…..Now put your mug up there and let us at it!

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Just kidding, folks. Just kidding.

Actually, she is a nice looking lady and I like her long hair much better.

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My vote is she’s a very attractive woman. But I also cast my lot with those who say “good or bad” does not really compute when talking about people’s faces. It’s her fce, so on her, it looks good. And the concept of facial beauty is incredibly subjective.

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Very attractive girl!

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Yeah dude, do it, go for it. Unless she wants it straight in the two hole, then there might have been some body work done to the first entrance.

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I think she is pretty

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She has a face. The photo is not very flattering.

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