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What causes a woman's rearend to "sag" as she grows older?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) December 27th, 2011

This is probably a loaded question for the women, so I will not elaborate any more. Question: what makes a woman’s rearend “sag”, as she grows older?

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Gravity, yes but also the change in skin elasticity. You can upkeep a degree of muscle tone but your skin covering eventually wears, tans like hide or thins like paper and doesn’t stick to the frame the same way. Remember Jack Lalaine? He and his wife were in fantastic shape with their skins still sagged over their musculature.

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Same thing that causes a man’s belly to sag. Poorer muscle control.

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@john65pennington Living dangerously today?

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Muscles deteriorate as humans and animals age. I think a lot of men and women who are older look better with clothes on, even those people in the best physical condition.

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Hmmmm. Girls. Meet me in chat!

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lack of attention, makes sure she’s working those cheeks! and don’t forget to massage them. :D

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Same thing that creates “old man butt”; reduced muscle tone, reduced skin turgor and elasticity.

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@syz: ha ha! We call that “frog butt”.

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What prompted you to ask this question? Speaking of butts ^^^^

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Hey…Pennington. How do you interrogate people and leave no marks? Just askin…

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God slowly punishes us by making our butts sag a little more each time we leave the kitchen.

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Not enough exercise.

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Maybe some genetics also? I’m not sure I even knew they could/would sag lol I knew they could spread terribly.
Now I have to watch out for spread and sag? Damn…

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I noticed old men not necessarily having saggy butts, but having broader, flatter butts.

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Women have more fat though, so that makes sense.

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I’ve seen lots and lots of people over the age of 60 without any clothes on, and I’ll tell you… men and women are pretty equal in the droopiness department.

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To compete with men’s walnut holders.

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^That is the funniest thing I’ve read all week.

Frankly, if you live long enough, everything sags.

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Inactivity and bonbons.

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That’s why there’s plastic surgery.

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after plastic surgery.

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When I lost 80 lbs I actually had it “lifted.” Problem is, it feels like my butt crack is in the middle of my back. It didn’t help that right after I did it all the fashions changed to where you couldn’t find pants that went any higher than your hips! I was so relieved when the shirts started getting longer.

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@Judi are you sure you didn’t tell the doctor that you wanted him to “crack your back”?

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@erichw1504 according to my husband it “looks” great. I just wasn’t used to it being way up there.

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My butt doesn’t sag, but, my boobs, that’s another story : )

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I took out some extra life insurance before I asked this question.

And, yes I guess old men have the same saggy problem.

I have not looked in the mirror lately.

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@john65pennington there’s probably a good possibility you’re going to have to look a little lower than you did the last time. ;)
I tease. I’m sorry, couldn’t help myself. lol.

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ANef is Enuf. You may be correct. I have a mirror on a long pole around here somewhere.

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My ass is perky, boobs droopy but happy!

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Loss of muscle tone, gaining weight + gravity, and deciding it isn’t worth the bother of wearing a girdle any more.

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My sister refers to the Secretary Spread, i.e. getting a big butt from too much sitting.

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I don’t see a lot of saggy butts. I see many more of the following types of butts: flat butts and huge butts and square butts.

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@JLeslie Butt. . . .butt. . . .butt you didn’t mention bubble butts, balloon butts, jiggly butts, bony butts. . butt maybe those are sub-sets.

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@Sunny2 I was just counting butts that have a negative, well negative, hmmm, not sure how to put it, not as desirable shape as the ideal, since the OP asked about saggy butts. Of course, it depends on who we are talking to though, some people like big butts from what some have said on fluther. Bubble butt to me is not a bad thing, unless it is huge, and then I would put it in the category of big butt at that point. Bony butt is probably a flat butt.

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The hardest, I mean brickhard, butt I’ve ever seen on anyone over 65 belonged to a former WWF style wrestler and hockey player. At 67, he still could fill out the back end of his shorts just fine. I never saw him disrobed (thank goodness) so I don’t know if there was any sag, but didn’t look like it. Guess someone would have to do a survey to get a better answer.

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My zumba teacher keeps telling the group we all need to get a zumba butt when she does squats. I rarely do a squat, but that is besides the point. What the hell is a zumba butt? Does that mean a hard butt? Or, a bubble butt?

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I like Derek Jeter’s butt.

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@jca do you remember Stefan Edberg, the tennis player, he had the best butt I have ever seen, but yep Jeter’s not far behind, (hehehe, pardon the bun I mean pun).

I run 3 or 4 times a week and walk the dogs twice a day. The muscle tone and strength is still there but my skin just doesn’t fit as well as it used to, same is true of my arms. It is a blessing our eyesight also lessens so I don’t notice it too much. :-)

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I like Scarlett Johansson’s butt.

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@rooeytoo: Exercise can keep muscles strong and toned, but some muscle deterioration is inevitable, regardless. Like I said, I think a lot of older people look better with clothes on (and that’s not an insult to them, I just think clothes flatter bodies and hold them in)! I like Jeter’s long, stork legs combined with his bubble butt.

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Lack of exercise and gravity cause all body parts to sag. LOL.

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