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Is AfricanAncestry really a waste of money?

Asked by Horizon (4points) December 27th, 2011

I read some genealogists criticized them. Can the DNA test really tell which country in Africa a African American’s ancestry is? Is the info really accurate?

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I sense spam

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Theoretically, everyone can trace their ancestry back to the Great Rift Valley in Africa, mostly because that is where humans originated. There has been so much genetic mixing, caused by invasions, migrations, etc. that it would be impossible to trace your origin back to a single country in Africa.

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Check out the National Geographic website. A few years ago they were offering genetic maps for about $100.00.

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Wait, I can save you some money.

Your test is positive. We all have African ancestry.

You’re welcome!

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It’s relative.
I can only trace my family back a shade less than 100 years,... For me it might shed light on “How” much migration there was on the way from Africa. Maybe I have ties to the Eastern coast,.. or the Northwestern – Maybe There’s some zulu in there somewhere.

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Here is a link to the National Geographic one @Neizvestnaya mentioned. I had a few science teachers from college who participated in it and they seemed to be happy with the results. I’ve considered it myself but never had an extra hundred bucks layin around.

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The information is accurate. Scientists are looking for mtDNA (mitochondrial) *dna passed down from mother to child, but not from father to child.

African Eve <This explains a lot I’ve posted this to a similar question.

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