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What is the most ironic first book to put on my new kindle?

Asked by harple (10441points) December 27th, 2011

So, lucky me, I got a new kindle for Christmas….

The first book I put onto it was Brave New World – I liked the irony of having it on a product designed to be out of date within a short time period…

Any other ironic suggestions?

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The Onion’s Finest News Reporting, Volume 1

Guess it’s not on Kindle yet : ( “Tell the Publisher! I’d like to read this book on Kindle”

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Ironic? Like Satire? You know what’s good, Kurt Vonnegut. But I’ve only heard, haven’t personally read. My buddies say I’d like it because I like dark humor videos however.

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@whitetigress ironic because of the medium I’m reading it on… for example, in Brave New World a key part of the brave new world was that people were conditioned to like playing intricate sports games requiring certain specific equipment, that every two(?) years was completely out of date and had to be replaced… not unlike most modern technology today, despite the book being written in 1931!

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There’s always Fahrenheit 451

and a little known short story upo which a famous Twilight Zone episode was based: the one about the bookworm in a post apocalyptic world who can finally read as much as he wants—but then his glasses break.—following from wikipedia
“Time Enough at Last” – episode of the American TV anthology series The Twilight Zone.—adapted from a short story by Lyn Venable, published in the January 1953 edition of the science fiction magazine If: Worlds of Science Fiction.[

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Indelible Ink?

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Steve Jobs autobiography.

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Firestarter… on a Kindle.

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Damn. @filmfann beat me to the Luddite angle (though they weren’t actually anti-technology, just anti-losing their jobs to machines). I’ll try another tact:

Consider portable and pocket editions whenever available. :)

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Dickens’s Hard Times which is about the perils of industrialization and rote teaching.

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comment withdrawn by angry librarians

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I looked but I couldn’t find any pop-up books in ebook form. Sorry : (

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ha ha @fundevogel GREAT answer!

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