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What constitutes neglect by long time friends?

Asked by Qt (59points) December 27th, 2011

A friend of mine had a close relationship with several people. These people are also my friends. However, since two years ago, one of the friends have been drawing away from her and paying more attention to the other friends. These friends still have a good relationship with her, but they are not as close as before. This is primarily because they are spending a lot more time with the friend that pulled away from her. He has noticeably found ways to occupy them. Each time she spends with them, he does something to isolate her from being in their company. So basically he has made a circle for himself. I know that people change from time to time. Nevertheless, could this be intrusive, or unintended?

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Maybe he has nothing left to say to her.

I don’t think it should be considered neglect, personally. They’re not family.

Friends grow apart sometimes. It happens.


This issue is somewhat difficult for me to comprehend 100% because it seems like there are too many people involved in the situation you have presented us with to be clear for an outsider to understand what is going on with the way you have chosen to describe it. While I think I may have figured out who is who, I’m not sure if I did properly at the moment.

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@AnonymousGirl Ok. I want to thank you for responding. I wanted to explain it as best as I could. Sorry that you did not fully understand it.

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Try using names. Not their real names, of course. Fake ones. That might make it easier. :)

By the way, you’re welcome. It’s possible that I’m at least a little bit dense in the head and everyone else would fully understand it. :)

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Friends grow apart sometimes. It happens.

I think that’s a sufficient answer.

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The part that ended up confusing me was (and still is) where it seemed like someone was purposely not including someone while she was there, in his company, and ignores her for others as though she does not exist at all.

It is nice to know that you think that part of my answer is sufficient, though. :)

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They just aren’t close any more. I agree, that is what seems to have happened here. Perhaps something happened you are not aware of? How is this affecting you? Do you feel a little like ‘piggy in the middle’ or is the isolated friend complaining to you?

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