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Log In boxes?

Asked by CaptainHarley (22429points) December 27th, 2011

I have noticed that sometimes when I come onto fluther, I get a login box at the top right of the screen next to the questions. Yet at other times, I get a login box in the center of the screen and all the questions are gone. Any idea why this should be and what causes it? Just curious. : )

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I see that happen sometimes too. Ive noticed if i’m not logged in at all and I come to the site I get the normal top right login. But if say I left my fluther page up in the browser and logged out elsewhere or just timed out, when I go and click on activity for me or questions it will give me just the blank screen with login in the center of it.

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I think it has to do with the cleaning of cache and cookies.
Whenever I used my CCleaner program I get the same I think; I will give it a try right now.
Back in a bit….
Edit to add: Nope, that is not it.
I cleaned my cookies but get the login on the top right corner again.

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There’s a glitch in the matrix.

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If you are logged, this gives the plain log-in page with no questions.

This give you the home page with questions and log-in in the corner.

And this one gives you no questions and the log-in in the corner.

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I have my password saved for the site, so I almost never log in. The few times that I do, it’s in the top right, always.

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Yeah! It’s making you look all wavy and stuff! : D

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It depends if you are trying to access members-only content. If you want to browse the questions, they are not members-only, and the box is in the corner. If you are trying to go to your activity page, or more likely the “just for you” tab that even non-members can click on, then the box is in the center.

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I always assumed that that log in box in the middle of the screen with no questions was a portal to another dimension in which all of us have similar equivalent avatars.

For example: @Wundayatta spends time under the lime tree and @Coloma raises ostriches and @Adirondackwannabe is now called @Appalachianwannabe and @Augustlan uses a tickle feather instead of a whip and @Kardamon is now called @Kinnamon and loves eggplant : )

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