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So new year is near, what are your plans fellow flutheree?

Asked by Tbag (3325points) December 28th, 2011

Spill out the beans regarding your plans. Will you be working, partying, in a BBQ, with family, alone, traveling, stay home?

As for me, nothing yet. So likely nothing.

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They have opened a new casino in Franklin, Kentucky. Wife and I plan on greeting 2012 from sitting at a slot machine and a glass of champagne in one hand.

I plan on hitting a big jackpot, in order to celebrate the coming new year.

My New Years resolution was to lose about 20 pounds for 2012. But, since I have already lost 23 pounds, I guess you could say I should forget that resolution. jp

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My tradition of watching the Twilight Zone, guessing with a friend at the endings. Can’t wait! :)

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Stay home and play games with the kids.

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I am planning to plan.

But, right now I plan to learn cooking, and feed myself with my favorite delicacies! I am ready to invite you here! You will only need to come down here to India to have a bite on my dishes!

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I plan on Skyping on facebook with my daughter in Las Vegas (glass of wine in hand, of course). With the 3-hour time difference, I get to bring in the New Year with her and the granddaughter, then go to bed. When her New Year rings in I’ll be in dreamland.

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I made it 19 days in a row without smoking this year. My goal is 20 or more in 2012.

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I will like @john65pennington, will be losing some more weight. Lost 37 pounds already, plan on the same amount after New Years.

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@digitalimpression You have my support for 366 smoke free days in 2012! It is a lot easier after the first three weeks, so shoot for at least 22 full days!

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@zenvelo Thanks for the support. I will have to achieve this goal or return to fluther in shame! xD

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The usual. Go to bed when I go to bed and wake up when I wake up. Its just another Sunday but now I have to go for the next few week writing 2011 and scratching it out before I catch up and start writing 2012.
Oh, and probably skype people to wish them a Happy New Year.


Staying home with my family and spending a nice, quiet New Year’s Eve. No partying, no drinking, no fighting. Lol.

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I plan to stay in with a movie and some bubbly and my husband.

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I’m thinking about taking my kids to the NYE bash at the Mall of America’s Nickelodeon Universe. Nice, safe, clean and kid-friendly.

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Same old same old, if it ain’t broke & all that shite.

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My SO and I have reservations at a nice restaurant. Hopefully we can bring in the new year doing some naughty things =)

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@linguaphile—until someone starts throwing chairs again. Yikes!

We have plans to have a nice meal at home..We’ll invite my wonderful in-laws to join us for a tenderloin and some tail-on shrimp.
Then we’ll let the kids stay up as late as they can and play some Wii and hang out. I don’t think we’ll have a very late night because I have a flight to Hong Kong the next morning.

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@geeky_mama jaw-drop!! That’s horrible! Knowing the layout of MOA and where the chairs are… that’s scary! I’ll be avoiding the Johnny Rocket’s side for sure.

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@linguaphile—check out the news coverage on KSTP. Essentially it was a Flash Rob. (Like a flash mob, but with HUNDREDS of kids fighting while a group of them tactically robbed retailers.) It took over 30 Bloomington police to subdue the crowd.
Shouldn’t be a problem on NYE…but if you see extra security and police presence you’ll know why now…

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@geeky_mama Ugh. Over 200 kids collectively agreed to do this??? I can’t begin to understand. Now I know where my landlord was and why he cancelled our meeting. He’s a cop in Bloomington.

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I’m going to my sisters house.
Her boyfriend is going to propose at midnight.
Then everyone’s getting thrashed. Except me. :c

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My sister is coming over. We will stay up for the bells, as we say in Scotland, then on new year’s day we will have the traditional steak pie for dinner. I’m going to make it myself this year.

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We all work New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day but will get off as early as possible on NYE in order to take our parents out to dinner and then over our house for dessert and coffee. We are usually in our own homes when Midnight rolls around, a little champagne, texts to and from friends and relief we made it one more year.

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I’ll stay up for the bells with a wee glass of something but as I am working from 7:00am that morning I won’t be late.

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One year, I went to Rome for New Years (and had a blast). But usually, I just stay home and go to bed early like any other night…

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I am with @marinelife. Got champagne in the fridge, have the third series of Breaking Bad to watch and my husband to enjoy those things with.

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Early to bed, so early to rise and work the next day.

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I want to drive to a (literal) mountain top with my new found man love and drink wine and look at the beautiful moon and his beautiful face and not make a big deal about the count down or being at a party and just enjoy the sensation of a new year beginning and being with the person I most want to be with and just be happy in the moment. And have a lot of sex afterwards.

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I don’t really bother with New Years parties etc, I’d much rather take it easy. I think the plan this year is to chill out with my dad and watch some of the DVDs we got for Christmas while enjoying some good food!!!

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I plan to spend December 31st with a close friend of mine. As for January 1st, I plan to spend that day with my family.

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