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What should I get my dad for fathers day?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) May 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I love him but he’s a complete pain to buy presents for. He hates everything but tools…and I think I’ve got him every tool in existence. I’m trying to think outside the box…

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Get him a toll tag, if he doesn’t already have one. Or you can get him a prepaid credit card so he can buy whatever he wants.

and with the toll tag, set it up on your account so he doesn’t have to pay for it.

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How about an IOU for a lunch, dinner, movie, picnic, ballgame, trip to Hardware Store and a drink, etc. I like the idea of what we call an EZEpass, too.

Or an assortment of nails, screws, bolts, washers, ring nuts, etc.

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What about plans for a project the two of you could build together?

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If you have siblings you can all pitch in for a photo of you all. If you have nieces and nephews you can include them all.

If just from you. How about a gift certificate to his favorite place to eat?

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I made my mom a hat for mothers day and the year before that I colored in pictures….. She lovescall of it but I let mom do the shopping for dad maybe you could make him something

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Porn. Mom might kick your but…but you’ll really score some good dad points. =P

This generally only works for sons.

And you’re not 12. lol

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How about a great tool box itself. I have a friend who makes beautiful ones out of wood, if you are interested. Let me know.

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Does he have a Dremel Tool? If not, get him one. He will love it!

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Big Trouble in Little China on DVD

my dad loves that movie. “Its all in the reflexes”

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A quart of Jack Daniels whiskey. After he has a few shots, he’ll like this gift.

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hey its psyla!

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Hey cheebdragon! What would be a good second-choice movie if he had already seen Big Trouble in Little China?

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Captain Ron

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Excellent choice! Whatever you buy, do not give your Dad a DVD of “Dune” or “Tin Man”.

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dune…lmfao…..but sting is in that movie! lol
i agree

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and “Tin Man” has an out-of-control Danny DeVito in it. Not a good role model for Dad.

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May I suggest a gift certificate. One for ebay may be a change for him. Also how about one for doughnuts, lunch or a coffee shop. Just a thought.

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If he’s a big spender and likes to shop online, you could get him a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime. I took the $79 plunge a few months ago and am glad I did—free 2 day shipping us great!

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My dad loves tools. One fathers day or was it his birthday, my sister got him a garage clock that have tools on it. I am sure you can google it.

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OMG jill e….I bought him last year!! He loved it!!!

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there’s got to be something else he’s interested in. Make it unexpected. My father’s really hard to shop for, but one day I found this hilarious Star Trek T-shirt (he grew up a trekkie, but doesn’t collect much memorabilia or anything), and I knew it was for him. Sometimes presents jump out of where you least expect them.

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Here is a classic – Recognize your dad on father’s day by naming a Fart after him in the World Fart Registry

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