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What would you do if aliens attacked our pretty blue planet earth on 1/1/ 2012?

Asked by Tbag (3302points) December 28th, 2011

Do you think all humans will stand together against those freaky alien bastards? What would you do?

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Most of us would, although Ron Paul and others would say it is a secret attempt to get us into a single planetary government.

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Chaos. Stand together, we can’t even stand together when aliens aren’t invading. There will be a lot of murder/suicide as people panic. Many will think that this is the apocalypse. Some will just run and hide, go insane. Some will think that the aliens are messengers for god or satan. Some will think that the aliens want to eat us. When people panic, logic disappears. Standing together would mean that all 7,000,000,000 of us put aside our differences for the greater good. Given that we can’t even agree what the greater good is, that isn’t going to happen. All of today’s problems would have already been fixed if people would just stand together.

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If movies can be our guide we can suspect that large cities would be decimated, they would read our minds, have indestructible force fields, and carry big sticks too. We can also suspect that we will eventually prevail due to a unity bred of adversity.

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I think an attack by aliens from outer-space might be the one thing that would unite the people of Earth together to fight back. (but I really cannot see it happening)

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Do you have inside information you’re not telling us about? I’ve always been suspicious of you @Tbag ! ~~

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Try to hook up with an alien.

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@Blackberry Interesting idea. Get some alien booty. They travel all over, they must know a few new tricks.

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I would welcome them with open arms. Just think of all the scientific theories that they could prove just by being here—life from other planets, interplanetary travel, clean and efficient non petroleum energy, and so on.

Of course, it is for those very reasons that the right wing would want to destroy them.


Run down to our basement with my family in my arms. We got our survival kits down there.

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@Judi Hahah! Ah, what did I do to make you feel skeptical about me? :(

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Join the underground and fight back.

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Hide, man. HIDE! Save mine at all costs. I got a few places and tricks up my sleeve and me and mine are smart and fit. We’ll get by and anyone or any alien getting in the way, better be prepared to get a cross bow arrow in the essential organ.

When we are safe… fight the bastards in any way possible. I live in Norway and memories of WW2 are NOT archived. We remember and vow, Never Again. Never again.

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Run around screaming like a six year old girl on steroids.
Then after only a short while, i’d come to my senses & hide out in a toy store with tons of marshmallows for company.

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I would watch.

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I’d put it on my Facebook page.
I’d discuss it in Fluther.
Check out the videos on YouTube.

I might even open my Twitter account.

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Gadzooks, if extraterrestrials ever attacked it would be over but the shouting before the 1st 24hrs were up. They would deliver the “Shock and Awe” Bush promised but could never deliver. They would know our weaknesses and have superior armament. They would knock out or disable all of our satellites, which alone would render the military of most major nations useless, especially the US. No one could communicate with anyone, the White House could not deploy or command troops, they would be blind. Their aircraft would zip by our fastest jets like a Raptor zips pass a box kite, they would slice and dice our air force like a Cuisinart making hundreds of Julianne fries. They (the aliens) could use a cocktail of weapons. They could use heavy weapons to knock out most major cities, then attack the fuel, food, and water, and mop up with toxic or biological weapons. I am sure they will be capable of making an Ebola or smallpox type weapon that would wipe out most survivors in short work. Before anyone could organize anything, it would be over and done with.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yep, but you have to be very cautious. If a species from another planet has even the slightest flaws similar to humans, you can’t expect them to have your best interest in mind. So wrap it up lol.

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@Blackberry I hadn’t thought of that. Oh man. Instant wiltage again. LMAO

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I knew Katy Perry was onto something…
Oh God, I’m such a teenager… D:
I’d probably die.

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I’ll wake up and wonder WTH?

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I’d try to make deals with them. Hopefully, we can get over to their planet and convert them (by any means necessary) to our religion and open McDonalds over there. If we’re lucky, we can make them dependent on cars and convince them they don’t need mass transit.

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@city_data_forum Mass transit, and “mass” transit. I see what you did there. A joke within a joke.

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@Tbag ; Well, anyone with the user name @Tbag….....~~~~~~

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I like the ‘hide’ thing the best. That’s what I would do!

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@cazzie ‘s answer the best to me.

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I’ve heard they are invading so they can confiscate our weapons of mass destruction and that they want our oil. Also they are going to replace our government but as it will be done for our benefit there is no point in resisting.

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I would, naturally, be on the side of the invaders (as supreme commander)

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Assuming their intentions are malicious…
Clean up my AR15 and my Beretta 92FS, and get ready to do what I need to do. Plus, if nobody else does it, I will organize the resistance. We’ll show those grey fuckers!
If their intentions are benevolent, I will have a cookout and invite them as guests.

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I’d really like to know why they are invading on a day when half the adult population has a hangover.

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Less resistance? Not that it would make any difference, mind.

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“Clean” an AR-15? That’s the only way they’d be of any use, until they got dirty again Just turn the aliens onto some of our processed foods and they will become ill- maybe die.

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@woodcutter It’s always clean. Just a way of expressing the notion of getting ready for action. Everybody breaks down and cleans weapons before action. C’mon

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Can you clean your weapon with pee? I can…clean mine.

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I’d be dead from the heart attack.

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