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To Jellies from all countries of the world: Who is the Jacques Brel from your country?

Asked by rebbel (31549points) December 28th, 2011

Jacques Brel was a Belgian (Brussels) chansonnier who was known for his energetic and charasmatic performances and great chansons.
A Dutch equivalent would be Ramses Shaffy.
With those two in mind, can you think of a similar singer from your country.
Or if you know one from another country than your own that would also be great.
Thanks in advance!

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The first person that comes to my mind is Frank Sinatra.

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Too late to edit my question, so I will do it here.
Knowing that a lot of Jellies are from America I encourage you to name one from another country than your own (that is, if you know one).

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NÅ, er det lite for mange…...

æ liker DeLillos….min og mine….

men…. gamle dager?

det er så .... hmmm….. men, det nyest…. som æ er så forelsket i…. in the aftermath of the tragedy of this summer:

This song has come to mean so much here and here it is sung by a wonderful singer:

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From Britain, perhaps Richard Thompson?

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Those are indeed beautiful songs, @cazzie, thanks for that!
@janbb and @Blackberry and @lloydbird I thank you as well!

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From Britain, Jarvis Cocker or Mark Almond.

@janbb You are from Britain!? Well I never. I had you down for the US.

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@lloydbird No – I’m not but @rebbel asked for us to recommend from other countries.

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@janbb So he did. Silly me. So, as are from across the pond ; surely Johnny Ray would be a better exemplar for your locale.

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@janbb I was thinking about this question and Richard Thompson was definitely one of the artists that came to mind. Especially for this song:

If I was to pick someone from the US, I’d pick Paul Simon.

I’ve never heard of Johnny Ray.

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@janbb Edit: Johnnie Ray.

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Russell Brand!! Or Elton John…..bah!!

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Probably Neil Diamond, and I am so ashamed.
I would trade 100 of him for one Jacques Brel

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Leonard Cohen. I am American. He is Canadian.

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