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How do I tell my parents I want to go to college in a different country?

Asked by hsrsmith (121points) May 18th, 2008
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“Mom, dad…I want to go to (college name) in (place)”. Go on to tell them the good things about the college and location.

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That depends. You might have to prove to them that the school you want to go to is the best choice for what you want to do.

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Shouldn’t be a problem…....unless you are expecting THEM to pay for it.
Studying and living abroad is a costly endeavor, but one which can reap great benefits. Having said that, it is NOT for everyone: those who need to be close to family, those unable to acquire a second language, those unwilling to adjust to new cultural norms and practices, and most importantly, THOSE WHO ARE BROKE.

Without knowing anything about your situation other than your intention, I must ask,
“Are you going to TELL your parents or ASK them about moving abroad?” If you are self sufficient and an adult, what can they possibly say except “great”. If you are not, well…...

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When I convinced my parents I wanted to go to school 1900 miles away from home, I told them it was completely my passion and that I’d pay for it all (I did, but they helped out, I just wanted to make sure that wasn’t the big issue.)

So in that sense, if you’re a knock’em dead student, and can show that what you’ll learn there will be more than just how to have a killer beer pong shot, then it should all work out. Honesty usually works.

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Patiently. If they react badly the first time you broach the subject, try again in a different way after you’ve given them a couple days to get used to the idea. Also, as upsetting as it is if they don’t like they idea, try to remember that they are your parents and want to be able to protect you which they can’t do as well in a different country. This can make them feel uncomfortable and powerless which they might subconciously toss around in their minds for a while and can come out with them being overly protective for a while.
As someone who went to high school in a different country, I know how tough it can be to convince them. Best of luck!

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Put together some material from the school. If it has a great reputation include articles that show that. Here’s an article about Grad School that says it is cheaper to do it abroad.–06-06-euro-mbas-usat_N.htm If you look at the sites or check with some of the organizations that help U.S. students study abroad, they may have helpful information that would answer your folks’ questions and ease their minds.

If you have already been accepted at the institution, you could announce that as good news to start the discussion.

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depending upon your schools relationship with the international university, they usually try to make it as cheap as possible. The school I went to in Scotland cost me 2500 for the semester and then about 1500 for the 4 months rent for my ‘suite’ on campus. I refer to it as a suite bc it was the more expensive option, coming with its own bathroom. The other rooms you had to shar a bathroom with like 8 people! Other than that, my parents gave me grocery money and a small bit of spending money. The thing that works best for money is to check with your bank but my bank only charged me a small nominal fee for using my debit card at an ATM.

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