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Keeping in mind that lots of countries have strict laws about which 'strangers' can and which cannot enter the concerning countries, how would those countries act in (the imaginary) case aliens from outer space came to our earth thus to one of those countries?

Asked by rebbel (25204points) December 29th, 2011

With ‘strangers’ I mean those people from countries other than the nationals from the country that the stranger wants to enter (for whatever reason).
Would, for example, the Netherlands, or Denmark, or the USA enforce the same rigid, to me laws concerning strangers/aliens/refugees to judge ‘space aliens’?
I can imagine that, assuming that the aliens are friendly and have no harmful intentions, (some) countries would like to welcome them, because they are curious or they want to research them, but, if so, would that not be unfair to the ‘human aliens’?
Or are those countries going to say: “Sorry aliens, we have strict rules where it concerns entering our nation, so would you be so kind and leave.”?

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They’d probably shoot them on sight and ask questions later.

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If they start making exceptions for one group of immigrants isn’t that discrimination to the other groups? Make’em apply for the greencards.

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We wouldn’t know what to do. This event is so unlikely that it’s hard to plan for. They would play as they go, which would result in a plethora of mistakes and disaster.

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@Blackberry And hopefully we’ll both get a little alien booty. With protection.

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In Norway’s case, they would be fully tested first, and their qualifications in education would be strictly audited and assessed. Their health would be measured and their breeding patterns and longevity and usefulness before their age of retirement or death. IF they could be of use in the industries here or developing new ways of extracting oil or exploiting resources, they would be used.. um.. I mean… allowed to live here and contribute to the beautiful nation of Norway. For the first year, they would have to be willing to answer the question: ‘What do you think of Norway?’ at least once a day by strangers coming up to them and seeking foreign assurance that their country is, in fact, beautiful, welcoming (although it is nothing of the sort), and the food is wonderful (which it is nothing of the sort).

If they turn out to be more or less a drain on resources, then Norway will have to listen to what the EU recommends as far as accepting and helping relocate the alien refugees. They will argue and fight to get the numbers down to the minimum and then everyone will complain when they show up, go to Norwegian language courses and open specialty food stores that waft unfamiliar smells out onto the street. People will comment about the aliens, but preface every sentence about them with, ‘I’m not racist, but…....’

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The Earths version of The Men in Black would be called…and all would be forgotten.

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