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Can I eat or drink water immediately, after my 25 mins of cycling?

Asked by vijisrikiran (4points) May 18th, 2008

Everyday I do cycling 25–30mins, somebody told that I should not drink water or eat anything after my cycling or workout. They said if I drink water or eat after my workout, then there is no use of my exercise. Is it true?

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No that is not true. Assuming you exercise as much for cardiovascular health as burning calories, you should drink water after your workout. Besides, water (the old school kind out of tap, not that new kind of water with all sorts of vitamins and crap) doesn’t have calories, so it shouldn’t ruin your workout, at all. Even if you eat, and eat as many calories as you burned, you would still get the cardiovascular benefit, which is key.

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The plus side of cardio work is that it raises your metabolism. So you’ll be burning calories long after the workout. As long as you aren’t scarfing down a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese and eat sensibly, you won’t have a problem.

Oh, and water is good, too.

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How rigorous is your cycling workout? I’m a certified Spinning Instructor – FYI. :) Do you spin? Not only should you drink water after your cycling workout, you should be drinking it during your workout – keeps your muscles happy. Also, it’s best that you’ve taken in an appropriate amount of water before as well. You can definitely eat afterwards (and be sure you’re not cycling on empty either…but don’t eat just prior. Give yourself time to digest – 1hr +). The best thing for you to eat afterward is protein. You have an optimal window of about 1hr after your workout for your muscles to benefit the most from protein. Still, some is better than none, even after that.

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I have talked with sports nutritionists and they have all said that the best time to eat is within 15 minutes of finishing your workout. It refuels your muscles and aids in recovery. Your reward for working out should be to eat. (as you can see by my username…)

If you have another workout later in the day, a liquid protein drink is the best for a quick recovery.

You should always drink water, as @spendywatson says. You need to be hydrated. Most people do not drink enough water. An easy way to get enough in you each day is to keep a bottle on your desk or very close by. If it is there, you will drink it.

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the sportman use to eat slow sugar content in dish such as pasta before training session therefore they are not craving for food if you feel a bit dizzy make sure to have a square of plain sugar that will give you the boost you need. As for water drink plenty before while and after if you feel you need to .

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major lie you need to drink

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