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What do you make of Ben Breedlove’s account?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) December 29th, 2011

Please try to be respectful of the dead young man’s account then the usual “Fluthercurdation”. Many I am sure would try to dismiss Ben Breedlove’s account as some mental illness or something, but it is an account as he experienced it. Civilly, what is it you believe he saw what he saw or not?

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I actually do believe him. When you’re that close to death, I believe anything is possible. I hope he’s resting easy, now. He seemed like a real good kid.

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He saw the passage way to Saint Peter. The passage to heaven.

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If someone wants to transcribe those stupid cards and present an actual, readable story, then I’ll read it. I have little patience for those silly videos. What’s the point of the stupid cards as a way to present text, anyway?

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It sounds like he was in some kind of dream state. I’m not sure what there is to “believe” about the story… Kid Cudi is still alive, so clearly he wasn’t there. There’s no reason for me to think he had a mental illness.

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So, the kid has a vision or dream while “dead”, and in this vision was his favorite rapper? Sorry, I’m skeptical.

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@dappled_leaves it is believed by some that everyone you meet in life and pass by in life you have met before and or have had some interaction with in the past. His vision of Kid Cudi could have actually been Kid Cudi or the image of Kid Cudi to help ease his anxiety.

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Experiences like this are common when one is close to death. It has to do with how the brain reacts to the underlying trauma. It’s not a mental illness, but there’s still a perfectly good scientific explanation for this. It happens the world over, and it’s not interpreted as God and angels by people who don’t already believe in God and angels. That, I think, is telling.

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You can’t perceive anything without a brain. His brain was still functioning during the seizure, although he lost consciousness. Whatever he perceived, it was what his brain showed him, just as what happens in dreams. So what he saw was just a dream, but I’m curious as to why he got that “peaceful” feeling. Could it be the same kind of feeling that causes people to practice self asphyxiation? Just wondering, cuz his brain was low on oxygen…

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Ok so what im gathering, and correct me if I’m wrong but this kid had a near death experience and then had some visions. Sounds perfectly normal then. In near death experiences the pineal gland releases large amounts of dimethyltryptamine into the brain. This causes one to experience extremely vivid hallucinations often involving entity type beings, memories from the past, bright flashes of light, and a feeling of peace. This same chemical is what is released in your brain while you sleep and causes you to dream at night.

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@uberbatman ‘s answer makes sense to me. + God certainly isn’t Kid Cudi…

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I love it when science trumps deity. ugh.

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I do believe him and his smile. Faith.

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@uberbatman Independent studies to elucidate that fact, details, details…...

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I hadn’t heard of him before. That’s a moving story.
To answer the Q – I believe him. Especially after having watched this documentary about near death experiences. I would urge everyone to watch it. It is very encouraging. Certainly way beyond any tidy notions about mere chemically induced hallucinations.

And as for the still living rapper – perhaps his higher self appearing in a comforting guise.

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@Hypocrisy_Central & @lloydbird I have had NDE and have done dimethyltryptamine on its own and can tell you the two are indistinguishable. But mark it up as faith or whatever comforts you.

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@uberbatman I hope you’ve watched all of it…..?

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@uberbatman I can appreciate your experience as much as I can appreciate Mr. Breedlove’s experience, however, they were unique to you. Do you have studies that say X amount of scientist whom independently of each other came up with the same conclusions.

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There has only been one major study on DMT that im aware of. I’m on my phone so I cantpost a link but a book was written about the study called The Spirit Molecule. I highly suggest you look it up. Theyre actually making a documentary on it now that features a lot of scientists. Its unfortunatly quite hard to get the ok to do research with this chemical because of its illegal nature.

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