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How to convert a folder into a file?

Asked by pcmonkey (427points) December 29th, 2011

Im trying to upgrade my PS3. Im using the following website to help us:
Anyways, I have a Mac and it’s not letting me save the actual folder as a file to my flash drive. Please help. Thanks

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A folder as a file? You can’t drag the folder which contains items onto the flash drive? It’s usually just a click and drag. I just did it myself. Drag the folder to your desktop first and try it out.

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If the above doesn’t work, you could zip it or use some other compression program.

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@Nullo I was thinking the same, but since he’s trying to open it from a usb on the PS3 would that even work? I mean it would if there was a built in “unzipper” but I’m not familiar with how advanced PS3’s have gotten…

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If you can’t move a file into a flashdrive on OS X, it could be that your flashdrive’s file system is read only on OS X. Formatting the drive to FAT32 will resolve this issue if this is the case. Make sure you back up the data on the drive.

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@whitetigress I know nothing of the innards of the PS3. I know that a person who knows what he’s doing may use one as a desktop computer, and that under these circumstances an unzipper would not be too much of a stretch. File compression is convenient enough a way to store data that I would be a bit surprised if Sony had left it out.

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