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What are your wishes and/or hopes for the new year?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) December 29th, 2011

We all have them. Want to share?

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Nothing specific… just that it be way, way less stressful than 2011.

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To continue growing and learning, and to become a better person.

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I’d like to get a job in 2012.


Better health and continued health for me and the ones I love. Because without health, little else matters.

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I just hope to enjoy the new year and that all depends on how I want to view things. I hope to be more positive.

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I hope everyone in my family finds good, solid, permanent employment.

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Well, since I just started a relationship my goal is to not screw this one up in the first three months… Like I always do.
That’s not really a “2012 goal” though. I don’t set goals for the new year.
Just because the year is new doesn’t change anything. Why wait until January to start?

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I hope I get the job I want (interpreting), and that my mom quits smoking.

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Reconnect with old friends, get into a doctorate program, move out of Minnesota, continue to grow, change my lifestyle, and to keep on keepin’ on.

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I’d like to be more positive and enjoy life a little more than I did in 2011.

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To be free of cancer when I go to be checked in January. For my family to relax a little and be a little less dogmatic in their beliefs. For all I know to to enjoy good health and happiness including my Fluther comrades, and as the old saying goes, “Peace on earth good will to men (and women) : ) Happy New Year everyone!

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My wife has the activation of her new Cochlear Implant in mid January. My hope is that this device works as well as the hype says, and my wife gets hearing for the first time in her life.

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@filmfann I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you both!

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I am resolved to expand my knowledge on a wider range of subjects. I don’t want to be someone who only knows about my own profession. I want to be able to converse intelligently on many subjects. I tend to be drawn to Art and Literature primarily so I know much less about Science and Technology. I want to have a more global awareness. It’s so hard to keep up with everything. The world moves so fast and I feel stuck in my routine. The only way I will become unstuck is by my own efforts.

I also want to start designing and making my own clothes. Sometimes I feel like the shoemaker with holes in his shoes. I could dress so much bettter and more creatively if I would make my own clothes.

It’s all about having the time though, isn’t it?

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Work on some new creative ideas, make more money, get back to regular exercise, otherwise, it’s good, I’m pretty content. Happy almost New Year!

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Better health for me and my wife (time to tackle some weight loss and diabetes)

Contentment and financial stability with our jobs (decent money with less hours would be nice)

Continued happiness and a sense of wonder for my daughter (she’s old for her years – I’d like her to retain some innocence)

And the ability to enjoy life more for all of us (something we struggle with occasionally)

Also: Best wishes to all my fellow jellies this new year. I hope all your wishes come true.

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Continued job stability for my husband.
Better paying job for me.
Mom moved back home, into her own place.
Job for my sister.
Stepkids stable & positive.
To see my friends & family more.

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To do well in my final exams, to get accepted by a good college, and to get a job.
Here’s hoping it all goes well.

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Survive at work.
Continue to get stronger, fitter and faster.
Clean out the garage.

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Wishing and Hoping, like Dusty Springfield, to cement down a new normal because humans love security and predictability but what I will invest effort into is growing more and more solidly rooted in accepting that life in our times is messy with shock and awe!

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I would like to be accident free in 2012, I want my wife’s back to continue to improve, and hope my grand daughters get their driving license and had accident free years of driving.

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I’d love to meet a girl who wants to be my sex slave (either permanently or just for a weekend) who isn’t jerking my string…

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A reconciliation with my sister. She went a little off the deep end when my mother died and started externalizing every emotion she had…mostly on me. It was hard on me but I knew she’d get through it. But she became furious when I didn’t pick her as a co-trustee with regards to my disabled sister and stopped talking to me. I miss her and want to talk to her again.

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@tranquilsea Hope your wish comes true. If you give her a call, maybe…...

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@HungryGuy: I thought the goal was to jerk your, um…“string”.

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@comity I do too. I’ve tried calling her a couple of times and a couple of months ago I sent her an e-mail that she chose not to respond to. The very sad thing is that it has put strain on our kids relationships as they are all close. Thank god for Facebook or I would never get to talk to my niece.

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I have a lot of hopes/wishes for this year…

- Good health (for everyone).
– The chance to get involved with new things at work.
– The opportunity to start pursuing my MSN.
– That my husband and I continue having a great time together.
– To get more of my student loans paid off (if not all of them).
– More family time.
– To do a lot of reading.

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@tranquilsea So sorry! I have a friend who, when her mother died, her sister was bothered that she received the same amount of inheritance as her. She felt she needed it more and my friend should give it to her. My friend didn’t as she had kids in college and her own problems. Her sister stopped talking to her. At the beginning my friend was bothered, but she has family and other loved ones and eventually moved on. Hope you’ll be able to do that soon too! Hugs!!

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First of all let me wish my all Fluther companions very very very Happy New Year!!!

Thank all of you for being there for me. Thank you for ignoring my faults and encouraging my merits. My cordial thanks to Fluther family from across seven seas!

I wish all of your good wishes come true! I wish all of you a happy, prosperous new year!
Also, I wish all of you have vision like Janus!

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There have been many times in 2011
when I might have disturbed you
troubled u
irritated u
bugged u
today I just wanna tell you
I plan to continue it in 2012!

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… Eve Six. New Album. Early 2012.
My worlds = Rocked.

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My wish is to maintain a consistent balance.
My hope is to enrich some of the lives which fate allows to cross mine and become a better mother, sister, friend, student and daughter.

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the pieces of me I don’t like and need to rearrange, change or omit. Even though my mom died when I was 18, I could do so much more to honor her memory.

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