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How do you fight heartburn while drinking?

Asked by Aethelflaed (13752points) December 29th, 2011

The past couple of months, drinking has been brutal for my heartburn. Tums don’t seem to help much (or rather, they help right when I take them, but then if I take another sip, it’s back). Red wine, white wine, beer, rum, tequila – all of them. I don’t have the same problem with non-alcoholic drinks.

I do have Prilosec, but it takes several hours to kick in, and I don’t take it every night because it’s so expensive.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Pro-tips? General musings that may or may not be related?

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Well the most sensible thing might be to quit drinking alcohol if it’s causing you severe heartburn. Most likely the alcohol is irritating something in your esophagus that isn’t healing.

Do you drink everyday? Have you tried no drinking for a while to see if it heals?

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Take a good look at the food you are eating. It’s usually a certain food that triggers it for me. Beer exasperates the problem.

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Have you tried Beano?

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@zenvelo I don’t drink every day, I drink at most 3–4 days of the week, no more than 2 drinks a day. And I went about a week and a half in between two drinks roughly 2 weeks ago. Ish.

@jonsblond I doubt it, it’s with any food and regardless of when I last ate.

@Sunny2 No, I’ll have to give that a shot. Thanks!

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I wish I could help then. Heartburn sucks. Good luck.

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I had terrible heartburn for a while with beer too.. and as you mentioned it seemed to be with anything I ate. I don’t recall anything I changed to make it go away.. it just sort of did. Perhaps it was stress related or something else.. not sure. Although I will say that one of the things I did was switch to a completely different beer/drink.

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I always keep a glass of ice water next to my alcoholic drink, and alternate between the two.

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I press my chest against the steering wheel.

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Have you tried having some of that pro-biotic yoghurt every day for a week? My step-son’s mother had this really bad and I don’t think she fixed the problem until she got some prescription stuff for her stomach.

On the very odd occasion I get a ┬┤hot tummy┬┤ I mix up a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it. It seems to help rebalance the hot, acid-y feeling I have. The burping is the best part. ;o)

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I had a really hard time with acid reflux last year and the only thing that helped me was coconut water. Zico tastes the best. It’s expensive but worth it. Sometimes Whole Foods has sales on it. Believe me when I say I researched everything and coconut water is what helped me most. Here is a little summary of possible causes and natural treatments. It mentions coconut water in passing. Don’t know if any of the other suggestions are good but it seems like good preventative advice.

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When I’ve been at it for a few days b/c my social life is acting up, I just supplement three tums a day in the evening…

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Try drinking glasses of water in between. That can often help.

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