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Which Linux can I install on an old IBM ThinkPad (Penthium II)?

Asked by ml3269 (1317points) December 30th, 2011

I just tried various LINUX and everytime the installation did stop half way…

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Can you write out the specs of your particular model?

What distros have you tried? With or without a graphic interface?

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Puppy Linux works really well on old PCs
I also suggest Slitaz Linux, Arch Linux, DeLi, and Damn Small Linux

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I second what @halabihazem said. I personally tried a Puppy Linux distro on an old laptop (800MHz processor), and it worked fine. It was pretty fast for such a slow machine (which makes me wonder why I have a core-i5 running a Windows XP that lags)... Just saying…

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Thanx! I just tried Puppy and DSL… and I begin to think that the problem is the ThinkPad…

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