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COMPUTER HELP, URGENT (Please see details)

Asked by NostalgicChills (2787points) December 30th, 2011

Okay so I had my coffee behind my computer, and I was trying to kill these fruit flies that have been annoying me all day. One landed on my computer screen, so I hit it. Needless to say, I killed the damn bug. But now my computer is all screwed up because coffee splashed everywhere. I dried it as much as I could, but now there’s a “bubble” forming at the bottom of the screen that is brighter than the rest of the screen. (and it is slowly getting bigger.) There is also a line that is slowly increasing in size. WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT THIS?

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Turn off your computer. Get some uncooked rice. Be patient and allow it to dry up.

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And what is the rice going to do? _

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Get off you computer asap. I hope you have a mac they are pretty damn water resilient.

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Are you sure that will work for a laptop too?

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No but it’s worth a shot. I dropped 2 liters of tea on a macbook and was fine two months later. I didn’t use rice, but rice with speed the process along… I hope.

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The rice is supposed to absorb the fluids. I believe you have to submerge the device inside a container of rice. I’ve heard this works for cell phones, never heard of it for a full size monitor. But, at this point not sure you have much to lose by trying.

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Try the rice; I know people who have saved cell phones dropped in toilets this way.

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Two months without rice.

Rice works here on laptops.

Don’t panic but DO turn it off!

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@Mariah If I drop the phone in the toilet I’m not sure I’d want to save it.

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When the laptop is on, you increase the chances of it being screwed up by the liquid because the liquid can short some circuitry. Turn it off ASAP, open up the laptop if you can, and cover the wet areas with rice after you try to dry it out with some tissues or towels.

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these home remedies sound good! Wish I knew this when I spilled melted butter all over mine!

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