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Have any of you tried to file bankruptcy on your own without a lawyer?

Asked by judochop (16070points) December 30th, 2011

What were the pluses and minuses of the process? Were you able to achieve a desired result in the same amount of time and without too much heart ache? Share your story please…

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hello darkness my old friend….

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I wish I could answer your question but I am not in your country, so would probably not answer it correctly. I would suggest getting legal help, it may seem like more expenditure, but could be invaluable in terms of understanding the pro’s and con’s thoroughly. Before making such a decision. I know for e.g you cannot buy life cover in my country once filing for it, nor buy a home. You can also look into after rehabilitation after filing. So it need not be permanent. If you are from the USA I suspect the support and knowledge base for this type of question is quite vast.

Where I live too, we have university clinics, whereby a student can take on your case, and is overseen by a Professor. So it is free.

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