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What extra organ would you want in your body, what would it be called and what would it do?

Asked by rebbel (25206points) December 31st, 2011

In the imaginary case we could choose one extra, what would it be?

Mine would be the Psychedelic-Gland and it would make that I can, safely, get myself in a psychedelic state, a state that I can start and quit at will.

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A bable fish and it would translate all languages and allow me to be understood by all languages.

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A sex organ from the opposite gender located on my hand.

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An extrudable schnozz-pipe, that would permit swimming below the surface, without a snorkel. Neatly inhaled (it would probably be an extension of the nasal area), it would only be visible when in use.

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Is an eye an organ? If so, an eye in the back of my head.
How about an extra heart than I can use as a backup; or an extra brain to use as a backup?

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A spare Liver…

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An extra brain that specializes in detecting fraudulent people before they weasel their way into your life and you have to give ‘em the axe. lol

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A different type of stomach. One that turns junk food into nutritional vitamins, so that no matter what I eat it will benefit me.

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Detachable vagina.

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I would select the largest organ we have, the epidermis!
It is always a good thing to get a little extra skin now and again.

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An extra Gallbladder. In case I have to get one removed…


An extra penis. I’d name it Double Happiness.

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Oh come on, it’s too easy. I can’t believe no one said it.

I like @AshLeigh‘s idea.

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A prehensile tail… maybe not a true organ, but that’s my choice. Think about it, wouldn’t that come in handy?? (Although clothes would need some alteration.)

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