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If you had unlimited powers to change the legal system, how would you go about doing it?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) May 19th, 2008

We have seen just trashy and unfair verdicts one after another where the bad guy gets away smiling and the good person suffers a great deal. OJ trial is a typical example that comes to mind

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There wouldn’t be a Patriot Act.

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i would put CopWatchLA in charge of the police.

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I’d ban private practice for lawyers when in comes to criminal law and put stricter regulations and code of ethics for qualification and maintenance of qualification for lawyers working for the public.
And, like Magnus, remove the Patriot Act as well as clean up in ridiculous/obsolete laws like these ones in Alabama to name but a few.

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I would rewrite copyright and patent laws. Patent trolls are very annoying.

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I would create a deathnote.

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@cheebdragon, That is what IA or Internal Affair is for. My Ex, was IA, and I can tell you this, he put many a bad cop away. There are still many GOOD cops out there, it’s just unfortunate that the bad ones over shadow the good ones.

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I see you guys have made some good progress in changing the legal system. But if these are the only changes we implement, most of the legal system would still be basically untouched. There would have to be more drastic changes so that judges are held accountable for malpractice or bad decisions, not just lawyers. I agree with Magnus on the Patriot Act

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We should send the crooked cops, lawyers and judges to regular prisons with general population instead of a federal prison P.C crap.
sex offenders should be placed in with the prisons general population also, they would get their ass kicked so bad they would never think about breaking the law again.

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