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People who are currently or have lived alone: How often do you sleep on your bed vs. the sofa?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14625points) January 1st, 2012

Is a bed for a single person just for show and amorous events?

Where do you sleep?

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I’m single and live alone. I sleep in my bed 100% of the time.

I find it very difficult to fall asleep on sofas, planes, trains, buses, etc.

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I fall asleep on my couch maybe every other week, while watching TV. Most of the time I wake up in the middle of the night and stumble to my bed, which is both larger and infinitely more comfortable than the couch.

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Milo here; I live alone (except for the help ) and have never slept anywhere but on the bed…in the warmest and most central spot and the most inconvenient for Gail.

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I sleep in my bed maybe 97% of the time. I tend to fall asleep on the couch reading or doing papers or something, and sometimes in winter the heating system is better in the living room than in the bedroom. Or, I get fresh laundry out of the dryer, but dump it on the bed and decide I want sleepy time before putting the effort to do all the folding and hanging and whatnot. I know, I’m sooo lazy. But if I had to give one up, I’d rather have the bed, especially since I don’t really have people over very often.

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I sleep in my bed. I like to be able to spread out, roll around, hog covers because I can.

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I nap on my couch all the time. The only time I’ve ever slept on it is when my boyfriend was whining about hot my room was so we slept on the futon in the living room instead of the one in my room. I hated it. If I was to ever sleep on my couch again, I wouldn’t unfold it. I’d leave it right where it was.

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Milo’s got the right idea, go Milo, where else would any self-respecting creature sleep.

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I sleep in my bed 100% even for naps : ) I only sleep on one side of the bed, though.

I also sleep predominately on my right side. I know this because one day I was applying mascara and noticed my right lashes had a more defined curl than my left from my face being smooshed into the pillow. That was kind of a weird-cool discovery.

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I live in a room that is detached from the house. The only places to sit in here are in the computer chair or my bed. So I sleep in the bed about 95% of the time while I am at home. The other 5% I pass out on my keyboard.

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@GoDogGo: MIlo here; You can share my duvet any time you want, you adorable creature.

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I never slept on the sofa when I lived alone. My bed was more comfortable.

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When I’m single, or not having my S/O spending the night, I sleep on the couch. Call me a co-dependent sleeper if you will but I can not fall asleep or sleep very long in a bed without someone in there with me. It just feels so cold, empty and alone to me. Maybe it is because my mother had always said “a womans bed is meant to have a man who loves her in it and of there isn’t its just another room to keep personal possessions in”. So I will normally fall asleep on the couch watching TV and sometimes if I get too uncomfortable in the middle of the night I will find my way to my bed, turn on the TV in there and pass out again.

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I sleep on the couch more now that I’m married.

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I can’t imagine wanting to sleep on the sofa when I have a perfectly comfy, cozy bed, whether it’s shared or not. Once in a while I do nod off there while reading, especially if I’m not feeling well, but napping is one thing and sleeping is another.

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I always sleep in my bed, always. ;-)

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Always slept in my bed. I don’t live alone now, but I often have, and so far, there’s never been any difference. I like couches and all, but for sleep, I need my bed, blankies and pillows. I guess I could bring all that to the couch, but then they’d eventually fall on the ground most likely. And even if they didn’t, I don’t see the point. Bed, soft! :D

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I sleep in my bed, but I often nap if I sit on the couch to read. Those naps are 15 to 30 minutes long. If it’s bed time, I get up from the nap and go to bed. Why do I feel idiotic writing this?

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Nothing idiotic there. Leaving one place you slept in to go sleep in another place sounds awesome to me. :D

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I often fall asleep on my sofa whilst watching tv of an evening but I always spend the night in my bed. My sofa isn’t the most comfortable so the only time I spend the night there is if I am ill and need easy access to the bathroom.

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I always sleep in my bed. Why would I not?

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I don’t live alone but sometimes my partner goes away, and on those nights I still always sleep in the bed. The sofa isn’t anywhere near big enough for me to stretch out.

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I bought a giant Cozy Sac beanbag love seat last year for my movie room.
Many a night I zonk out during a movie and when I wake up I have to literally roll myself out of the monster. It is quite comical, as you sink into 7 feet of 3 foot memory foam filler and are cradled in a womblike bowl. lol

Nothing like waking up totally out of it and having to use all your strength to roll yourslef onto the floor and get up from your knees. haha

Still..I always make it to my wonderful bed! ;-)

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@Milo That sounds like fun.
PS. Don’t let appearances fool you, I’m a real tiger in the sack, but maybe you guessed that.

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@GoDogGo: Milo here; I be I can bench press you without even breaking a sweat.

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Ironically, I’ve slept on my living room couch for the last three nights because the smoke alarm over my bed is beeping and I can’t safely get up there and change the battery. Fortunately the couch is very comfortable. The alarm will be fixed this weekend.

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