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Retrieving an instrumental from an mp3/Audio help?

Asked by shniernan (986points) January 1st, 2012

I’ve been planning on making a song for quite some time now, and have decided on using the instrumental for Snow Patrol’s How to be Dead. I love the vocals, too, but not the lyrics. So I am hoping to set out on a WONDERFUL journey to discover how to make a song out of the instrumentals of this video, while inserting my own lyrics/vocals.

Now they sell the “karaoke” version of this song on Amazon and Itunes, and I can buy both of these versions no problem. It’s only a buck for the mp3.

My real question arises in the series of procedures following this. What program should I use (Linux user here) to record my song, and what program can I use to extend the instrumental verses of the song?

Basically, easiest way to make a song? Any/all help.

Haven’t failed me yet Fluther, let’s do something productive. :3

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Audacity has a vocal remover that neutralizes equal sound on both channels in a certain range, but it makes you love a lot of quality. I’ll try to find a version for you.

Believe me I’ve tried to use audacity but it rarely works. As for finding a free version not much luck, may as well buy it.

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@XOIIO – I had been considering going this route for quite a while. My friend owns the full version of it, and I could no doubt use her laptop for my work for a couple of days.

Any objections/suggestions?

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@shniernan The full version of the song or audacity? Audacity is free.

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This sometimes works for removing vocals…

On Audacity:

Click the name of the song on the left sidebar; a menu will drop down, pick “split stereo track.”
Click just below the name where you just clicked to highlight the left channel.
Click Effect, Invert

Usually you lose quality and the vocals are faintly audible. Buying the karaoke version will be your best bet. You can use Audacity to record your own vocals over that, then.

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@XOIIO – The song. But I think I’ll go with @Mariah – Thanks for the help both of you.

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Do you play an instrument yourself? Do you have recording hardware? Otherwise making a song will be quite difficult.

If you have a microphone, Audacity is probably what you want software-wise.

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