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How can I make about $100 quickly?

Asked by mineown (438points) January 1st, 2012

I need $280 and I have 100 so far. I need to figure out a quick way to make at least a hundred more. I am not strapped for cash but there is an item that I really want to buy, and it is one of a kind, but I go back to school in a different area than where I live and I would like to buy it before that. Any advice?

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I think that if there were a simple formula you could follow to earn a quick C note legally, everybody would already know what it is, and the market would be saturated. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, just difficult. What are your skills? What can you do that people are willing to pay to have done?

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sell blood plasma, goes for about $112/unit

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@DrBill , Seriously? I remember back in the 80’s my first husband would sell his plasma towards the end of the week to feed the kids and he only got about $10! Then again, we could feed the entire family of 5 for $25 or $30 a week.

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someone else said something about selling plasma but idk much about it.

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Seriously, or at least as of December 16, 2011

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Sigh… I wish I could sell blood plasma…

Anyway. a really quick way is finding stuff you don’t really need and selling it on Ebay and the like.

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Is there anyone that could loan you the money? Then when you have the money you can pay them back.

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Wash windows. My neighbor paid someone $150 to wash all the exterior windows of his house back in August.

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Shovel snow from walks.

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You could sell something you no longer need on the internet or in your local paper. Or you could place an advertisement in the paper for yourself as a handy-person. Offer to clean, mow lawns, repair minor household damages, do gardening, or whatever else you feel that you can do.

Also, to the people who are talking about selling plasma, is that legal where you live? Does offering people money for blood not endanger the health of your country’s blood supply?

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I did some washing for people who had sold their house. Where I live, the house has to be spotless when it is handed over to the new owners, or new renters, or they can sue to have it cleaned. I don’t know what property sales laws are like where you live. I could make over a hundred dollars going in after my regular job and cleaning a 2 bedroom apartment over 2 evenings.

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@DrBill What? That’s outrageous! We do it for free here in the Netherlands, I can imagine a little monetary stimulant but do people really need that high of a reward to donate where you’re from?

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@Vincentt That’s what my reaction was. Being paid $100 to donate blood seems like being paid to donate clothes or money – it’s something we just do for free here. Plus offering financial incentive for blood donation seems a bad idea. Would this not entice desperate people in high-risk groups like the homeless and drug addicts to donate blood? I would think that the ideal donors would be people who want to donate blood, not people who are desperate enough to be selling their body bits.

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Plasma and blood are two different things. Here, the Red Cross accepts blood donations, and people do donate for free. Plasma is not whole blood, and you can donate twice a week. The amount of money you get depends on how much you donate, and how much you donate is based on your body weight.

The people are screened before being allowed to donate, with samples being sent to the CDC in Atlanta before their plasma is given to anyone.

It is a pretty common way for students, lower income families, and the unemployed to make some extra money – $50 to $75 a donation.

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You get paid to give blood? We just give it here. The most you can expect back is a sweet cup of tea and a biscuit.

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@RareDenver , It’s just the plasma. They give you your red blood cells back.

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Around here (rural, underpopulated and friendly) you could simply put up a notice at the local post office and offer to clean garages, attics, wash windows, lop limbs off trees, take piles of junk to the dump, clean refrigerators and run errands for the elderly.

Contact your nearest church to see whether any congregant needs some temp. help.

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@Soupy We do plasma for free here as well, although you can only do it once every two weeks. Enough off-topic for me now, though :)

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@DrBill God damn, I gotta see if I can do that here.

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Dig graves. When I did it in High School I got $100 per grave. Now you should be able to get $3–400 each.

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@WestRiverrat That sounds like I would enjoy that

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Have a garage sale! Get rid of any old stuff you have lying around, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Or go to old second hand shops that sell stuff for cheap and see if you can find some things that will turn out to be antiques or something people might want and sell them for a profit.

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babysitting!!!!!!!!! I made 100 in one night on new years eve CHA CHING!!!!!

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but how late did you have to work?

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8 30pm-3am. they were also kind of a wealthy family. but i mean minimum pay for babysitting now is like 10 bucks an hour

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Babysitting someones kids for the weekend so parents can
go to their favorite football game!

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