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Has anyone had any sucess with the x86 project?

Asked by joeysefika (3093points) May 19th, 2008

So i’ve got a copy of os x and am considering installing it on my laptop. Its a piece of s**t and almost 5 years old and i was wondering if anyone out there has had any success.

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What laptop do you have?

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do you think that “piece of shit” will support the OS ? do you have even the least bit of confidence in this?

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I got mine to run, but it crashed every few minutes and it’s unstable. I don’t get why people are even trying this. Get a real Mac!

iamatypeofwalrus's avatar had a video detailing the process. Also, you can search google for the term “Hackintosh”. If you’re not going to use the laptop for anything else, I say go for it.

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Quite a lot of people have success from this project, because they follow a tutorial or recipe that details a known well-working set of components to build a hackintosh from.

As for the question as to why people are trying this, it should be fairly obvious given the general price of buying a real mac. If you have some computer nouse, it’s got to the point with the OSX86 project that it’s actually pretty easy going.

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I was able to run OS X on some older POS laptop, but it was not very stable and I only ran it a couple of times. Here is a list of incompatable hardware for reference. Most importantly your processor needs to be SSE-II or later to install OS X.4.

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@Klass4 i have a real mac
@richard its 1.4ghz 256ram intel chip
@iwamoto i have a little bit of confidence and since i can just take the harddrive out and reformat it with disk utility i have no worries if it stuffs up

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Haha i did it; mum got a new laptop so i got her old one (one year older than mine 760mb ram 1.6Ghz) and tiger installed brilliantly!!!

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good, next up…a real mac :) and im not joking, friend of mine, first threw it on his vaio, now has a macbook

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Good work dude.

(@iwamoto – he says above he has a mac already).

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ah, my bad and humble apologies :)

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* sings * It’s tooo late to apologiiiise… It’s toooo laaaaattteeee

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Well you’ve already experimented with OSx86, but I’m gonna answer the question anyway… Yes, I have a Hackintosh, and yes, it works awesomely. Required some patience.

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I just got my MSI Wind up and triple booting, and OSX looks beautiful. I had to swap the wifi card, but I had to anyway, since the card was screwing with my Airport Extreme router.

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@Tonedef, did you hear that MSI have just released unofficial drivers for there wireless card in OS X. Therefore the stock card would now work. Link

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Yes! But the included Realtek card crashes my Apple Airport Extreme base station router, so I had to swap it anyway. This dell 1490 works like a charm.

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