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How many weddings have you been in?

Asked by tedibear (19035points) January 2nd, 2012

I thought about this earlier while going through a closet that contains my wedding dress and a bridesmaid dress. My seven wedding appearances breakdown like this:

Flower Girl – 2 (My parents paid for two weddings that year!)
Bridesmaid – 3
Bride – 2

How many for you?

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My parents (mother and step-father), as the ring-bearer.
My best friend and her husband, as her bride’s attendant (in lieu of a maid of honor)
My friend and his wife, as his best man.

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Ringbearer @ age 12 in my Aunt’s second wedding.

Best-Man @ age 30 in my best friend’s wedding (in Puerto Rico, in August, in a wool tuxedo).

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It reaches triple figures as a harpist!

More directly, I’ve been a bridesmaid twice for siblings, a witness for my sister in law, and a bride once, and as a real guest (as opposed to entertainment) to a further 3 or 4…

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None, I haven’t been to many weddings (2) and wasn’t involved. Been to many more funerals (soon to be 7).

not so good to be my friend or relative apparently

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You’re asking the wrong question.

The important question is:

How many weddings have you been in WHERE THE PARTIES ARE STILL MARRIED?

(or said another way, are you a good luck charm or a bad luck charm?)

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The wedding of friends around the age of eleven as the Ceremony Master (Which was such an empty title).

My own wedding as the Groom.

I’ve attended two funerals so far, one of a family friend (41) I could barely remember and the other of my great Aunt who died at 94.

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Maid of honor, 2 (One couple is still married, the other divorced and remarried each other again.)
My own, 1 (Yes, still married.)

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1 as a flower girl—no idea if the couple’s still married
4 as a bridesmaid—one traditional but insane wedding, one at a courthouse and both parties have divorced. One other traditional wedding and then my mom’s wedding and they’re still together.
1 as a bride—divorce is in-transit
2 as a “bride” at Sadie Hawkins parties- no idea where those guys ran off to :D

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10 weddings 8 divorces.

I like to keep a couple around just in case

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@xoio not the greatest batting average :(

Remind me not to have you in my wedding.

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@elbanditoroso No, I mean personally. Married 10 times and Divorced 8 XD

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@xoio – you are a busy person, then :-)

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Both couples whose wedding I was in are divorced (and remarried).

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5 Weddings.

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Bridesmaid x 4
“Best Man” x 1
Bride x 2

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Flower girl for my aunt and uncle who died in a plane crash about 10 year later, leaving 4 kids.
I sang at a friend’s wedding. The marriage lasted until she died.
Bridesmaid to a college friend. I’ve no idea how that turned out.
The best one, my own, which is still going strong.

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I’ve never been to a wedding in any shape or form strangely.

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