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Has there ever been a male featured on the tv series "Hoarding"?

Asked by john65pennington (29240points) January 2nd, 2012

So far, ever one of the Hoarding Show series, I have watched, has been about females hoarding different items. Question: has there ever been a Hoarding Show, which featured a male hoarding items and not a female?

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I used to watch Hoarders a lot, and there were several episodes with men. I want to say almost equal to the number of episodes about women.

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Yes, there have indeed been several male hoarders on the show. There was one episode that featured two men; one had hundreds of “pet” rats living in his home and the other had hundreds of “pet” rabbits. There have been many other men who hoard featured as well.

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I saw one poor man, I believe he might have been a doctor. He was quite handsome and very well mannered. His girlfriend didn’t know anything about his problem until he went on the show, because she had never been to his home, they always stayed at her place. She said at the beginning of the show that she loved him and wanted to help him because he was so kind and loving and decent. But after one look at his house, she started accsuing him of being “selfish” and she dropped him on the spot. I felt so sorry for him.

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“Hoarders” emphasizes that the behavior is often a response to emotional trauma. There are several episodes that feature males but I’ve noticed that the men are often more resistant to addressing the psychological issues and more insistent that their hoarded items are valid and useful items.

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I’ve seen several men a even a young boy featured on those episodes.

It’s a great show to kick start a house cleaning/donation spree.

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I have been in 3 homes I am sure would qualify for the show. One was an old mans, another an old womans, and the third a young families, so I know it doesn’t happen to one sex or age group.

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^^ I have some relatives and a very close friend that could definitely be featured on that show.

And I found out at our family’s Christmas party in early Dec. that one of my cousins who seemed to keep a very nice organized house, only kept it that way downstairs. Everything looked perfectly lovely and normal, but then I had to go to the bathroom and someone was already using the downstairs powder room so I ventured upstairs, and to my shock and horror, it looked like someone had been filming and episode of Hoarders. There were toys and clothes and boxes and fast food containers piled up against the walls like snow drifts. There were doors off their hinges, broken furniture, beds without sheets or mattress covers, mattresses on the floor, broken toys, random pieces of ruined drywall, plastic bags and multiple walls covered with crayon and ink markers. The bathroom was filthy. I did my business as fast as I could and ran back down stairs to find my hand sanitizer. I didn’t say a word.

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