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Does your level of superstitiousness increases in times of misery?

Asked by rebbel (31549points) January 2nd, 2012

Today I went to do some chores in order to start afresh in the new year paid some in arrear bills, and got some things of my chest.
After that, already feeling quite releaved, I went for groceries.
I had to pay € 8,88.
Now I am not a superstitious person, but when I saw that amount on the register I suddenly got a happy feeling (the 8 being a lucky number for Chinese people, and I got three of them!)
So, in times of misery or just times that are a bit less than good, do you notice in yourself an increasing level of superstitiousness?
And are you a superstitious person to begin with, or not at all? (this, in regard to the main question)

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It is the opposite for me. When things are good I tend to be a little superstitious. When things are bad, I usually just say fuck it.

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Well, yeah. I never thought of it but…yes. When my Dad died we all rushed to Amelia Island in Florida for the memorial. We were there a couple of days. They live just a few steps from the ocean and beach. My daughter found a shell with a cut out in the middle in the shape of a heart. My son got to see a sea turtle up close and personal. That is a very rare event…he has always been crazy about snakes and reptiles and stuff. The day we were leaving I saw a boat in the harbor. It was called Miss Val (my real name.) : ) It was like, everything we found or saw during that time was meant especially for us and no one else.

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I have not noticed anything change with my circumstances with regard to superstition.

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My electric meter number ends in 666, and several times I have considered asking the power company to replace it

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No but I do have the tendency to make my own luck, kind of take it where I can find it. I’m not Chinese and I’m not superstitious but I’d have done as you did just to put a smile on my own face, kick start some positive glow.

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YOU’RE NOT CHINESE MZ B??? I did not know that!

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@filmfann Can’t you turn the meter upside down? ~

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Go to your local online paper. Find an article on a tragedy, like someone getting hit by a car and dying. (Most online papers have a comments section for most articles these days.) Read the comments. An awful lot of those comments are superstitious; Things such as “God bless her.”, or “May he rest in peace.”; or “I’ll pray for her soul.”.

So it seems from those data sources, people are very superstitious in tragic situations.

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Check this out and see if it qualifies as superstitious and good luck….........

I won the pick three in the lottery with the number 254.

My deceased mother-in-law stated that her birthdate would always bring us good luck.

And, the number 444 will round out a day of extremely good luck for you.

So, one day, I won the Ky. pick three on 254.

The next day, I saw a license plate number with 444 on it.

That night, I saw a gasoline price that was $3.15 a gallon.

All three of these numbers in one day???

That night, I went to play bingo and won the coverall of $1,000.00 dollars.

And, you ask if I am superstitious?

No, but the next time I see these three different group of numbers in one day, you can believe I am going to play the Tennessee and Kentucky Lottery.

Wouldn’t you?

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it used to but I am trying to get away from that- my parents were irish from the old country and really superstitious I’m not doing it anymore- just not.

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Nah. I believe in nothing and am not superstitious worth two shits. Although when stuff does really suck, I like thinking of beliefs or superstitions that could positively alter my situation. I don’t ever actually believe it, but it’s fun thinking about, and then there’s always that ’‘who knows’’ bit that can help. Maybe that’s all miracles even are. XD

Otherwise though, I purposely step under ladders just so that people will look at me funny. It’s a good feeling.

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A few years ago when I was going through a really tough time I would cling on to anything as a sign that it would get better (seeing two magpies together for example). I became incredibly superstitious!

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@john65pennington Let me know next time you see that, K??!!!

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