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How to migrate sd card contents on Optimus One?

Asked by manuel_alarcon (299points) January 2nd, 2012

Hi, I got a new 8gb micro sd card for my phone, to replace my 2gb card. I’ve been looking info about migrating the content of the card, and ive found that in some models its just copying from the card to the computer and then into the new card. But Optimus One cant seem to work, as ive read in several blogs. Maybe with an app? should I format the new card in the phone and then copy from the computer?

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You just copy and paste, its the same as any other memory device. If you only have 1 SD port them copy it to the computer and then to the new device.

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What is Optimus One? Never heard of it.

If it’s a standard sd card, just create a folder on your computer, copy the 2gb card to the folder, then copy that folder to the 8gb card. You may have to buy a USB sd card docking thingy if you have an older computer. Your computer will see your sd cards like they’re external hard drives and assign them their own drive letters.

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Ok, Ive copied the content to the new micro sd card, but noticed that the old one was FAT formatted, and the new one, only gave me FAT32 and FATex options,... so i formatted the new card to FAT32, rebooted the phone and… failed. So,... It is just i’ve read. I was thinking if I switch back to the old one, and make all the arrangements to retire the card, and later reboot and activate the card again it may work…

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