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Does anyone out there actually like Facebook's Timeline?

Asked by everephebe (11593points) January 2nd, 2012

I believe Facebook is well on the path of making itself obsolete, by implementing over wrought updates. Is it just me or is theTimeline layout less than user friendly, and aesthetically unappealing?

+ I’m not too thrilled with youtube’s new stuff either. Why can’t I remove watched videos from my new video stream yet? And why is flash player crashing all the time now? Huh? Those were rhetorical… :D

Please kvetch &/or sing praise below. ⇩

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It is so confusing there I no longer bother.

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I have a couple relatives who have switched, and I admit I find it hard to follow. I’m holding out to see if the problem is just a lack of familiarity or if it really is just that unintuitive.

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I like the cover photos. They’re pretty sweet.

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It gives me second thoughts about Facebook. I may must quit it altogether.

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I have my Chrome extensions set to block all the “upgrades”. No activity ticker, no timeline, old style chat… I like it streamlined and simple.

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Several of my FB friends have switched, and most of them seem thrilled, or at least ok, with it. To me, it just looks like clutter. Do not want.

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I don’t want it. Some of my friends have switched and it looks confusing and I can’t be bothered. If they make everyone change, I shall be leaving.

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Ugh, I don’t care for it. It makes it really, really hard for me to find the things I need, which are mostly your status updates. Not, the 3 most recent ones, but that one you posted 2 or 3 weeks ago (or was it more like 5??) about where and when that party tonight was being held. Your pictures, places, Netflix, Spotify? Don’t care. Your basic info? Already got it.

It seems like a fun layout for getting to know completely new people. If only Facebook was targeted at putting strangers in touch with each other, instead of people who are already friends.

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^^ Really? I find it hard to even want to know people who don’t have me on their lists with this new Facebook. If you go on someone’s “timeline” that doesn’t have you on his or her list, it says something like “You and so-and-so aren’t friends.” That sounds harsh to me and I don’t like staying around on people’s profiles when they say that.

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@AnonymousGirl I don’t really spend that much time checking out people I’m not friends with, but yeah, for a layout, it would be ok for that. And I do some checking out right as I’m sending someone a friend request. But I spend waaaaaay more time contacting the people I’m already friends with than making new ones.

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I understand. I found this out because I hadn’t seen a certain girl’s posts in a while and I was curious what happened to her and that’s what it said. O_O It was like “Wow, ouch….” With the old layout, it wouldn’t have had that effect on me because it wasn’t that harsh. I also don’t really want to send friend requests anymore, even if I’ve chatted with someone quite a bit in person, because the “you aren’t friends” notice makes me think twice and turns me off.

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It’s great if you generally want to see the ’‘important’’ changes someone made to their facebook page- good old stalking :)- not so great to use as a wall, I think. It would be great if there were both options, a timeline for a nice rounded-up summary of someone’s activities and also an old fashioned wall.

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It’s increasingly invasive.

I am using Facebook significantly less than I did a year ago, and the reason is primarily that I do not want a permanent record of everything I say or do to be open to the world for the next 50 years.

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I’m only on Facebook anymore so I can get messages about play rehearsals and volleyball info. I don’t even friend others anymore, except the ones I need to communicate directlyn with. Facebook and all of its “sleek” new features drive me crazy.

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I check in and out of fb so quickly that I often get annoyed at having to learn new ways to do the same shite. I’ll have to wait until a day off alone to figure it all out but initially, I don’t like it, don’t see the need for constant “upgrades”.

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