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What should I do in return for driving me?

Asked by amazingme (1855points) January 2nd, 2012

My friend and I are carpooling to class this semester and she’s the driver. Now, she’s not saying anything about me having to give her something in return, but I want to because gas is not cheap and the college isn’t just right around the corner. So what would be a good thing to give in return; cash, pay for coffee or lunch? Any ideas would be great. Thanks!

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Prepaid gas cards are always great. If she balks tell her to keep in in case of emergency.

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Cash for gas. Put it in an envelope and leave it in the car after she drops you off.

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Some gas money and some money for potential wear and tear on the car sounds thoughtful enough to me.

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What about paying for part of the parking pass and then some cash at the end of the week?

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Ask her what she would like. As to whether you give her gas money, that depends on whether it is out of her way to pick you up. If it is, you should certainly offer to cover the distance to your house and back from hers.

A lunch out would be a good general thank you.

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All of the above. Give her half the gas money, take her out for lunch, and if you’re getting yourself a coffee, get her one too.

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Cash, a gift card for a store she likes, take her out to dinner or lunch. I know I would appreciate that.

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I like the parking pass idea along with getting her some coffee, breakfasts or lunches if you two are together at those times.

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