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Do you think it's crazy that I decided I'm going to climb mount Everest?

Asked by Tbag (3325points) January 3rd, 2012 from iPhone

I had a big fight with my mother about this. Aside from the risk and the high probability of death, why shouldn’t I climb that sucker?

Have you ever thought about climbing it? Would you go for that journey?

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“Aside from the risk and the high probability of death, why shouldn’t I climb that sucker?” Did you read that before you posted it, by any chance? ;)

And no, personally, I wouldn’t. That isn’t really my thing.

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I wouldn’t do it but if it is your dream and you are young enough, fit enough and have some mountaineering experience, you should follow your heart.

Don’t be silly about it, but if you are serious, do some research and start working towards reaching that goal. It would be an amazing thing to achieve.

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I don’t think it’s crazy but I think you’ll need to invest a lot of time in training and researching. So many people lose their lives trying to climb that monster so I’d think long and hard about your reasons for attempting to climb it. If you still want to do it after that, best of luck!

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I’ve thought about climbing it, but I don’t think I ever would. It seems like a crazy risk. If you want to, though, you go ahead and do it. As for your mother, she is probably scared she will lose her precious child. I don’t fault her too much and I don’t think you should, either. She is worried you’re going to die because she doesn’t want to lose you… because she loves you. That’s better than her not caring at all, isn’t it?

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I’d start off with hills closer to home and I’d read about previous attempts on Everest and what can go wrong. Read Beck Weathers book if that doesn’t put you off nothing will.

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I don’t have enough money to get to base camp… Everest shmverst.

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I would not recommend it if you have no previous mountain climbing experience.

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Have you any experience of climbing? Because that would really be helpful.
If you are serious then it’s gonna cost you upwards $60,000 just for the guiding from Kathmadu and thats before you add in the cost of getting there and the equipment (and believe me the sort of equipment you’ll need will be costly too). But if you have the time to get the skills and the money to pay for it then it’s a very achievable goal.

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I don’t know how old you are, but if you’re young, go for it if you can.

It takes years of preparation to do it right, ad a lot of money. I never seemed to have time OR money when I was younger, but often dreamed of climbing Everest and K2.

Get yourself into a climbing community as soon as you can: near Rainier or in the Rockies, or in Denali.

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Be very prepared and good luck. And pics or it didn’t happen.

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^^ Yes. Pictures.

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Prepare yourself, work towards your goal, don’t give up and go for it. Why would it be crazy? I know a few climbers and that is, and has been, one of their dreams for many years. I hope it happens for them and you too if you are serious.

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I don’t feel the need to climb Mt. Everest, but I think it is a fine goal for you to have. You will need to prepare physically be scaling smaller peaks and becoming familiar with the equipment. Good luck!

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Do it!!!!

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I actually pondered it last night. The thought has always been there.

Go for it!!! Hope the training goes well also.

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Are you an adventurer already? What kinds of adventures have you been on? Are you in great shape? How many mountains have you climbed already? Have you done any ice climbing? What is the most dangerous situation you have survived? Have you done any climbing with ropes? What’s the highest mountain you’ve every been on? How old are you?

There’s a portion of your brain that allows you to make forecasts about the consequences of your actions. When you’re a teenager, and up into your early twenties, that part of your brain is not very well developed. It’s one of the reasons young people discount the dangerous consequences of their behavior. The “high risk of death” doesn’t mean anything to you. It’s just words.

Young men, I think, tend to get sorted out pretty quickly because of this. Before the teens, males are a majority of their age cohort. Afterwards, females are the majority, I believe (I know it happens; just not sure exactly how fast it happens).

The guys who are still alive, no doubt, become leaders of some kind. Some are leaders because of the “heroism” they showed. They took big risks and survived. Others are leaders because of the brains they showed. They didn’t take big risks. They demonstrated an ability to compensate for the lack of development of that part of their mind. The rest? Perhaps damaged or maybe even dead.

The good citizen in me wants to urge caution on you. The “I don’t know you from fuck” part of me says, “go for it!” Either there will be one less idiot in the world, or you’ll learn so much so fast that there will be one more smart person in the world. Trial by fire. As you say, “Why shouldn’t I climb that sucker?”

I’ll tell you why I’m not going to. I like my warm showers every morning.

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If you decide to do it, I’ll rent a chopper and together with some willing jellies, fly near you as you climb and yell, “Do this one for Fluther @Tbag!” and then sing that Sound of Music song, Climb Every Mountain. Lol.

But yeah, seriously, will you bring a Fluther flag up there?

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If you don’t have any dreams and challenges life is just a bore and then you die.

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Fuck no. Just get the proper training, a lot of cash, and loads of motivation (and I mean A LOT). Goddamn it, stop going to this site, grab life by its horns and do your goal! Prove the haters wrong and make me proud.

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@Tbag Although did you know if you croak on the mountain you stay on the mountain?

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Now this is the type of conversation I should have had with my mother! I would love to reply to each and everyone of you but I don’t have the time to right now. I’ll try to sum it up all in this answer!

I love adventures and honestly speaking, I do not have any climbing experience. I need to do lots of climbing and some research about all this as well. I’m 20 years old! From what you guys told me, I think it takes time and I need to be more cautious about all this.

I maybe young, but I know I’m one hell of a maniac. My motivation is high and Mt. E is in my to-do list.
@Michael_Huntington Fuck yes! You’re my hero! I’ll prove my mother wrong and anyone who has doubts.
I’ll start planning for all this now and in a couple of years, @mazingerz88, I will lift a fluther flag, I promise you that.

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@Tbag; I do not have any climbing experience.

That is a mature approach to prepare for one of the most physically demanding, emotionally draining, expensive and risky climbs on the planet.

You need to climb the local pimple, do a lot of training to strengthen your wind, your legs and your weight-bearing ability. Gradually expand your repertoire and call us in five years when you have successfully completed the winter ascent of Mt. Washington or Mr. Rainier (or other summits if you are not from the US.)

In the 83 topics you list under interests, I do see “zombies,” “asthma.” and “spiderman,” but no “mountain climbing.”

How about running stadium steps with an 80 lb. pack for a year?

How old are you, BTW?

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How about a compromise? Your mom doesn’t want you to climb to the top, right? How about climbing to within maybe five feet of the top, then turn around and head back down? You’d get your thrills and your mom woudln’t be mad.

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^^ Nice compromise there, but wouldn’t that goal take the thrill out of it a bit?

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@AnonymousGirl Reminds me of the guy who tried to swim the English Channel. He got exactly halfway there and noticed he was a little tired. So he turned around and swam back.

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Actually, there’s not “a high probability of death” associated with climbing Everest any more. It’s not quite a tourist trap as some formerly remote places are, but it’s getting there. There are any number of professional guide companies available to put together your entire expedition, and they can do all but carry you up the mountain and back down. (Some might even go that far.)

Before you make the claim that, “Fuck yeah, I’m going to do it in two years!” it would help to do a little reading first, while you’re resting after your physical training. I’d recommend Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer as a good place to start.

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It is not just outright death that you would face.
Even if you survive, you could lose fingers, your hands, your feet, even your penis, to the cold.

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You have to be very rich to do that, by the time you pay for the one way air fare (or round trip if you’re feeling lucky) and the Sherpa guides and the specialized equipment and the very expensive permit. To get the permit you have to prove you are a fully experienced, physically fit climber.


How to climb Mount Everest

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No, I think you’re being unrealistic, instead.

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If you can train for it and afford it, do it! I’ve read everything I can get my hands on about it. I sounds so hard, and base camp sounds so fun. Just be careful choosing your guide good luck!

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If you do climb it would you mind picking up some of the junk that’s been left here and there? I pick up other hiker’s crap because I hate seeing a natural space degraded.

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