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How do I clean my slate tiled floor cheaply?

Asked by Stinley (11505points) January 3rd, 2012

The floor in my kitchen was laid by the previous owner. The floor is natural slate tiles. Very posh but it’s all stained with paint, dirt, and other unidentifiables. I’ve washed it plenty but it never comes clean. I can’t afford anything expensive but I do have time. The other day I spilled some hot cooking oil on a few tiles but strangely after i cleaned them up, they looked good as new. Would it be daft to clean the whole floor with oil? A fire and/or slip hazard? Any sensible suggestions?

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I’m guessing the oil just stained the slate in a uniform way, so the tiles all looked alike. I saw a similar question over the weekend regarding bluestone stairs versus granite. Both will pick up stains, but the granite masks them better because it has patterns in it.

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According to this article, a mixture of either peroxide and baking soda or shaving cream can be used to clean the grout (depending on whether it’s white or coloured grout respectively), and mild detergent applied with a non-oil-based mop used for cleaning the tiles. Why the hell anyone would want a floor which is easily stained, hard to clean, and can be damaged by just about anything (including shoes, apparently) is beyond me.

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Shaving cream and a brush. Then go over it with the cheap Johnsons general wax. Put it on very lightly and then buff it off with a lambs wool hand mitt. You can also choose to seal it with a wipe on wipe off spray used by masons.

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Shaving cream? Worth a try.

@smashthestate I know! And why would you put down such an expensive floor and not seal it? Or actually cover it while you paint the walls a hideous shade of apricot?

Someone else suggested wire wool. Think that will help the shaving foam get in there? Ordinary kitchen spray in my mop water is what I’ve been using, to little effect.

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You might have to the a tool and scrape the paint off.

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