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In what specific ways does your present appearance differ from your appearance during your high school years?

Asked by jca (35898points) January 3rd, 2012

Specifically, how does your present appearance differ from your appearance during high school? Your weight, your hair color, whatever.

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I’m slightly less slim, but I look the same. I dress different as well.

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Well, in highschool I wore a spiked collar and I dyed my hair every color of the rainbow. I don’t do that, anymore.
I am a lot thinner than I was in highschool, my hair is longer, my style has matured, I don’t wear any piercings and I no longer own black/blue/purple lipstick.
It is also no longer the 90s, so, I don’t look like I just stepped off of MTV.

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I was fat, had a few zits, cowlicks in my hair in high school.

At some point it my early 30’s I slimmed down and became, apparently, handsome.

I went out with a woman from work I thought was way out of my league, and some very young women at the bar walked over and introduced themselves. When they left, I remarked, they seemed friendly.

She stared at me for a minute and said, “You really have no idea, do you?”

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I’m shorter, fatter, grayer of hair, and a bit wrinklier. No one has ever not recognized me after being out of touch for decades.

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I’ve gained some weight, almost 20 pounds since high school, about two sizes. My hair style is similar, just a little less goop. I was a teen in the 80’s so my hair was a little more layered and more sprayed. I miss 80’s hair actually. Back then I changed my hair color at times, but was usually my natural color, same as now. As an adult I have cut my hair short a few times which I never did in high school, but usually I keep it at around the same length as I had it in high school more or less.

I also wore some short skirts in high school, and I don’t go that short anymore. I would be willing to if I were thinner.

Other than that my clothing style is not much different.

Gosh, I guess I am one of those people who still looks like they are stuck in the high school years. LOL. Nah, I don’t think so, I hope not, I just have never been a huge trend follower, my style and appearance tends to be simple, sleek. I do wear some more colorful stuff than I did when I was young.

People always recognize me.

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I used to have short hair and was frequently mistaken for a boy…

I grew my hair as soon as I left school, and ever since have looked like the woman I had always hoped to be!

(That reads really oddly! I am, and have always been female, just used to look like a boy! The only place people mistake me for a fella now is on here – must be something about my avatar or something…)

Build is similar (obviously I weigh more now, but looks balanced still), a few more laughter lines on the face, a few more stray grey hairs!

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought That must be a good feeling. You were the ugly duckling that blossomed lol.

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Aw, man. I forgot about the grey hairs and the beast of a wrinkle on my forehead. :\

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Well, I know I’m always attracted to @Imadethisupwithnoforethought these days…

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I’ve gained some weight the last 5 years, and, obviously I am older, but, all in all, I look remarkably similar to my youth. My hair isn’t as long, but, I have just a few strands of gray in my blonde hair yes, I wash it away with a semi-permanent tint but…I still wear my trademark hippie girl pigtails fairly often and get scads of complements for my look.

I’m okay with my aging process, no cosmetic “enhancements” here, not now, not ever.

Besides, one of my favorite mantras is ” What we lose in form we gain in wisdom.”

I really, really, LIKE being the age I am and wouldn’t go back to a previous age for anything. ;-)

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Same haircut, clothes, weight, and glasses. My Sr. year was 17 years ago.

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I’m way better-looking now. My hair is shorter and… um… “blonder” (that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it) and I smile a lot more. I’ve also, shall we say, “filled out” more. Yeah.

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Physically, I haven’t changed much. I suppose I could still wear my highschool clothes if I wanted to give people a good laugh…

Back then though, I had weekly identity crises. Drifting from group to group (preppy Honors students, ever-stoned hippie poets, dramatically inclined theater kids) in search of the place where I fit. I’m glad I no longer feel like I have to change my appearance or attitudes to shoehorn myself into one subset at a time. Nowadays, I’ve settled pretty comfortably into being an individual.

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I was tiny (5’2, 105 lbs) but muscular in high school and had a short version of the classic 80’s fem-mullet sprayed with Sun-In. I wore huge earrings,slouchy sweaters with leggings, boots, denim-head-to-toe, and was preppy during my senior year. I was both serious/studious and hyper/giddy/ditzy. I was a cheerleader and dancer but also could play football with the guys on the weekend. @Blueroses, my identity crisis similar to yours happened in college. :)

Now, I’m still 5’2… sadly not 105 lbs, have much longer and very dark hair and dress like an art/theater teacher would. I’m still both serious and giddy, but not to the same extremes. I still can dance, cheer and play football rugby.

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The only thing that is consistant between now and then is my height and shoe size. I’m not even (noticeably) the same gender any more.

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@downtide : You always win these kinds of Qs, don’t you??? ;-)

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gained weight, I have a mustache, which is now gray, and my hairline has receded.

A friend posted a picture last night of me from 1977. Damn I was skinny.

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I’ve been out of high school 4½ years and in that time I’ve gained 50 pounds, two large tattoos, three more ear piercings, boobs and an ass due to the huge weight gain. I currently have short, red hair, whereas in high school I had long hair that was usually blonde, but was blue when I graduated. I had sort of nerdy pseudo, watered-down punk/goth thing going in high school. Now, my style is what I like to call “geek chic.” My standard look is a graphic tee, studded belt, boot cut or flared jeans and vans or converse shoes. Oh, and if you see me without a sweatshirt, it’s one of the signs of the apocalypse.

Some of my high school friends don’t recognize me when I approach them in public. It’s really funny to see the stages of recognition on their faces.

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Haha..yep, I have a few 1977 pics of myself sunbathing in the buff in all my 18 year old glory.
I showed them to my 24 year daughter a few years ago, actually I gave them to her, and she was most amused.

Wow…mom was a total hotty. Now, I joke about causing a stampede of the sheep and horses when I go out to my hot tub naked. lol So far, no stampede but no more public nudity these days. lol

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@downtide You people always have to steal the show, huh? Lol.

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I’m a lot heavier. High school weight was between 85–90lbs but in my mid 20’s I got to 100lbs and now more. My hair is long now but was pretty much a buzz cut in school, same color though. When casual, I dress similar in jeans, tees and boots but when I dress up, I’ve got better duds now :)

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No more acne, my teeth are straighter and whiter, and I have a better figure, although my skin is a bit more saggy, especially my legs. I am thinner though. I like 50 much better than 15.
I am starting to develop my moms jowels and that IS irritating me.

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Looks like I’m pregnant (with twins). Looks like someone took some white spray paint to my hair. Looks like someone painted wisdom across my face.

Sigh. All those changes were earned the hard way.

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I’m thinner than in high school, though I think I just gained some of that back (stopped hiking so much, need to get back to that). My hair is usually shorter, I have a number of piercings in my ears now, and I dress quite differently, alternating between hobo, paramilitary survivalist, and a hipster (and various combinations of those styles), rather than totally punk.

Oh, and I think I look younger than I did a decade ago.

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Hairier, heavier and happier than I looked in 1966.

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Seems like not even a minute has passed over me!!!!

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About 40 pounds thinner, more gray hair and what appears to be the beginning of a turkey neck developing ack but, overall, I look pretty much the same.

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I am about 30 pounds heavier, hair is colored a much darker shade…many more tattoos, many more piercings…many more stretch marks…boobs much much bigger…

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high school me (circa 1985)
6’0”, 200lbs.
dark-brown, curly hair
jeans, white reeboks
Led Zepplin tee-shirts

2012 me
6’0”, 270lbs.
salt & pepper, wavy hair
grey wool slacks, leather kicks
black sweater over grey tee shirt

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I’m the same height and a bit heavier. My hair is cut differently and the color isn’t much different. I still wear the same style of clothing for the most part (jeans and t-shirts).

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About the same, considering I’m still in high school. ;)

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175 pounds then, 230 pounds now.

No grey hair then, loaded now.

No hearing aids then, have them now.

Four back surgeries back then, suffering for them now.

No children then, two children, three grandchildren, and one grandson now.

Healthy heart back then, three stents in heart now.

Head full of hair then, head full of hair now.

No debt back then, loaded with debt now.

But, what a way to live in America !!

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okay well aside from gender, let’s see, what else:

My formerly long blonde hair is now very short and brownish/grey.
I’ve gained nearly 30 years’-worth of wrinkles
I’ve gained 40 pounds (mostly around the middle)
I’ve lost about 50% of the vision I had then
I’m immesurably happier now than I was then

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@downtide : And it shows! The last thing :-)

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1982 me:
Blonde hair – thank you Sun-In.
5’1”, 123 lbs.
Wore contacts 98% of the time
No wrinkles or lines

2012 me:
Currently brunette/reddish. There’s gray in there but I’m having too much fun trying out hair colors!
Still 5’1”, but now 143 lbs. (Still better than the 205 I was not that long ago.)
Wear glasses 97% of the time.
Three fairly faint lines on my forehead, smile lines attempting to come in. Slackening in my chin but nothing too frightful.

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Mostauche, shorter and thinner hair, wrinkles, 30+ more pounds, much, much smarter.

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Pretty much the same.

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In high school I kept both my head and face shaved, and I wore Vans skater shoes exclusively.

As an adult I have short-ish hair and a goatee. I did have a ponytail for most of my 30’s though (I’m 38), but earlier this year I came to my senses and went short again :)

I still wear only Vans shoes. The rest of my clothing is the same as well…jeans and t-shirts or polo’s for the most part.

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That’s me (avatar) in high school.

Now, I’m 22 years older and I wear my hair short.

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I graduated from high school in 1970. My weight has stayed the same all these years (150 plus or minus 5 pounds). Hight is also the same 5’ 11”. My face has aged considerably with many wrinkles and my hair is very thin on top.The skin on my hands and forearms looks great. Inside all my organs including my vital organs continue to function perfectly. When I look in the mirror I see an old guy but I don’t feel nearly as bad as I look. I think to my self that it is just natural degradation and so I don’t think about it much because my looks don’t matter to me much anymore.

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@tranquilsea Good idea. Changed my avatar too, to my 16 year old self with my younger siblings.

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I am about the same weight but the gray hairs are appearing, and my skin just doesn’t seem to fit properly so there are quite a few wrinkles!

Other than that, pretty much the same except I probably dressed better way back then. Now in the tropics the uniform is baggy boardies and a t shirt!

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