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Would you drink alcohol if...

Asked by Charles (4815points) January 3rd, 2012

…it didn’t give you a buzz?

Does it taste good to you on it’s own OR because it will make you feel good? Does anybody actually “like” the taste of wine (or beer or whiskey or other spirits) so much that they would drink it even if it had no alcohol (effect)?

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I would drink beer, but not hard alcohol like vodka or gin. I would drink Blue Moon without alcohol.

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After I play a round of golf on a really warm day, the taste of a really cold beer in the clubhouse afterwards is a really amazing taste. That’d be worth it.

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Hell yes I would, even more so than I do now. I am a huge fan of classic cocktails and flips. I don’t think I’ve ever drank to just get drunk except when I was 21.

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I love the taste of beer. I will have a pint with dinner. And a pint isn’t going to give me a buzz.

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I too really like beer. I live in wine country with multiple dozens of vineyards and wineries within just a few miles of my home, and while I do enjoy the grape, beer is my true love.

Of course, a few beers is fun because of the high, but, I really like the taste too.

I don’t drink much at all in the winter, but nothing beats a few ice cold brews in the hot tub on a summers eve. :-D

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I already like the taste of gin-tonic… when there isn’t too much gin, and there is enough lime. In fact, if I’m getting a buzz from the gin-tonics that I mix, then I know that I’m mixing them too strong (and it’s time to stop drinking).

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I really enjoy the taste of sweet wine. I would drink more if it didn’t contain alcohol. I would drink a lot more if it had no calories and no alcohol!
I don’t care for the taste of beer.

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You have hit the nail on the head.

I don’t (well, practically never) drink alcohol. Not for religious reasons, but because it doesn’t do anything for me. It tastes OK – wine in particular – but alcohol seems not to make me high or drunk or anything much at all.

In fact the one thing I can say about alcohol is that it tends to make me constipated.

So – why drink it if the benefits are so minimal?

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I love the taste and I would still drink it even if it was alcohol-free. In fact if beer was alcohol-free I’d probably drink nothing else. I’m a big fan of real ale.

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Uh, not sure about other countries, but the US Military does provide it’s troops occasionally with alcohol free beer. I hear that Clausthaler tends to be pretty decent in the alcohol free beer department from some of those soldiers.

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Everclear is a tasty alternative to water.

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Probably not I’ve had non alcoholic beers that are just as tasty and refreshing. Champagne might be the exception, I really like the dry bubbly bite with wine aftertaste.

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I like the flavor of wines.

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Some of the white wines, yes. But the rest, no.

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I do not drink alcohol because it tastes bad. Beer is the worst of all. Just horrible.

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I was thinking of beer’s taste when I saw @ragingloli ‘s post. I thought it was bad on the very first taste. Now I love it. Strange.

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I don’t drink very much. I think I enjoy the taste a little bit, but I think that if it didn’t have the buzz, there wouldn’t be enough taste to motivate me to drink it. There are some exceptions to this—Campari being a fine example.

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Beer, yes, if it had the same quality taste.

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Probably not. I’ve often heard it said that beer is “an acquired taste.” Several liquors are not pleasant going down. Once would be more than enough for most of them and I would not bother to acquire a taste for any of it.

Some mixed drinks are tasty, but you can already get virgin versions of most.

I rarely drink as it is, though.

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I like the taste.

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I’m a champagne drinker, and I do love the taste. However, were you to remove the option of that wonderful buzz, I’d probably drink it far less frequently. The calories would outweigh the taste at that point.

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I drink whiskey ‘cuz I like the taste. You think it’s bitter but I think it’s great.

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I like the taste of the alcohol that I drink (usually wine and some mixed drinks). I wouldn’t drink it if I didn’t, regardless of its affect on me.

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I personally DETEST the taste of alcohol. But of course I drink it anyway because the effects are fun and I like the way it makes me feel.

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I can’t drink but I like the better dealcoholized wines and the alcohol free beers.

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