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I swallowed Lander Xsplosion mouthwash i'm 10 what will happen?

Asked by jellygirl56923 (4points) January 3rd, 2012

The mouthwash is called Lander Xsplosion. I am only ten. I told my dad but he made a joke about it.

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How much did you swallow, honey? If it was only a capful, you should be fine.

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If you are really scared ask your dad to call poison control. Or you can just dial 911.

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If you have any residue in your mouth, gargle with drinking water, spit it out, and repeat.

Then I suggest you drink a glass of water to help dilute and flush out whatever you swallowed.

Does the mouthwash have any alcohol? If so, then you might feel woozy and in that case, I recommend drinking some more water.

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Don’t most websites have age restrictions on joining? Why is a 10 year old online?

To answer your question, one time isn’t going kill you. Just don’t make a habit of it.

If you’re truly concerned try caling poison control or see your family doctor.

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I’m sorry but that’s a hilariously creepy stare when warning kids about stangers lol

Nothing is going to happen to you kid, it goes in your damn mouth, it’s not poison.

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Drink your milk.
No really, I mean it.

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Anyway a dad’s job is to reassure, to give accurate info, not to laugh at his child.

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Welcome to Fluther, whoever you are, and however old.

Here’s a serious answer:

You’ll be okay. Mouthwashes may have alcohol, and if you drink a lot of mouthwash (like a bottle of the stuff) then you could actually get drunk.

If you just swallowed a mouthful (or more), then nothing will happen. Manufacturers are concerned when they create products that they can be “abused” or “misused” in ways that they aren’t intended. So they design safety factors into the product.

Mouthwash in “normal” amounts won’t hurt you a bit.

However, @Deelon_Pearson had some excellent advice: Your dad is the person who should be telling you this, not strangers on the Internet. Here’s a place that you could start to educate yourself, though.

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