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Where can I buy a spare battery for an HTC Desire?

Asked by GrayTax (551points) January 3rd, 2012

I’ve been looking at buying a spare battery for my HTC Desire, for emergencies and that (the one I’m using now is Model # BB99100).

I was wondering where I could buy a genuine (preferably new) spare; Most of the ones I’ve found so far don’t seem to be HTC made.

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Desire S or Desire Z? I have a spare for the Desire Z, that I am not using. Genuine HTC.

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It’s just the regular Desire actually; I think its codename was HTC Bravo?

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Just go to wherever you bought it.

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eBay has a ton of sellers with spare and extended batteries at MUCH better prices than cell phone stores. I got one for my HTC EVO, and haven’t had any problems. Make sure you check the sellers feedback to make sure they’re selling good batteries.

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@XOIIO & @judochop As that’s rather obvious, it’s the first place I tried; they don’t sell them.

@buckyboy28 You know, stupidly enough I never actually thought of checking eBay for this…

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