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What is the origin of the cat (is it a cat?) avatar that Fluther offers as a default image?

Asked by dappled_leaves (15863points) January 3rd, 2012

It is so decidedly un-oceanic, and out of focus, and well… just kind of odd. There has to be a story about where it came from. Anyone?

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I’ve always wanted to know where that came from.

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I’ve always wondered where also. When I joined I used it because I liked it the best of the ones that Fluther offered, and I didn’t know how to upload my own!

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It’s Bacio! :-) (Not to be confused with Basil!)

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I half wonder if it’s the pet of one of the developers, or something.

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It is Andrew’s cat.

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It is @gailcalled’s Milo.

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Or, for a laugh, here :-D

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@harple I was just reading that! Much easier to search with a name attached. ;)
Thank you!

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@rebbel: Milo here: I was asked to pose but couldn’t because it was the Jewish Sabbath;

See here

(credits to @rooeytoo)

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Damn (pardon my French), @Milo, you look like our recently deceased Pinniemaster.

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Am I being dense here or is the question still unanswered? That’s it. I’m going to wear the cat till someone finds out

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@Stinley It has been answered. Andrew is one of the developers of Fluther, and the image is of his cat, Bacio.

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@dappled_leaves: The image is, indeed of Bacio, but he is not Andrew’s cat. Basil is.

As Andrew himself so recently said, “Bacio has a cameo on the playlist….He’s actually not my jerk-of-a-cat. That’s Basil.”

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Ahhh! Good point.

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See, I knew it! Who is Bacio then?

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@Stinley: A visiting celebrity, apparently.

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I like the cat as my avatar a lot now

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Maybe they put it on there to be cute. lol

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